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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lake Compounce 2014

Special thank you to Lake Compounce for providing my family with
complimentary admission to their theme park!

It's no secret that our family loves to travel.  We really are always on the go.  So, obviously when Lake Compounce contacted me and offered my family an opportunity to visit their park, I gladly accepted!

Lake Compounce is located about an hour away from us, in Bristol, Connecticut.  It's a family-friendly theme park, that is great for all ages!

We've visited Lake Compounce before, but it's been two years.  Lincoln is 4.5 years old now, and able to do so much more!  He was super excited to start our day.

And yes, Avery was excited too.  Clearly.

As soon as we entered the park, we let Lincoln take the lead.  He even had a map of the park, and was determined to figure out the best path to get where we needed. 

First stop was the kiddie rides, of course!  Lake Compounce offers a great variety of rides for the little ones.  There is an entire section of the park devoted to them!

We also met up with my aunt and cousins while we were there.  My cousins are a bit older than my boys, and loved the thrill rides.  A popular attraction was Zoomerang.  This roller coaster is seriously insane.  It goes upside down, and even backwards!...and no, I did not go on this.

lake compounce zoomerang

lake compounce zoomerang

Another hit for my cousins was Rev-O-Lution. 

Certainly another crazy, thrill ride!

Avery loved watching the Enterprise.  Every time we walked by it, he was seriously mesmerized!

And of course, a theme park wouldn't be complete without a ferris wheel.

Lincoln attempted to ride Ghost Hunt, but he got a little scared in the line.  He said he will ride it next time ;)

Boulder Dash was voted the world's #1 wooden coaster in 2013.  Pretty cool!

lake compounce boulder dash

Lincoln enjoyed the kiddie coaster. 

We finished up in kiddie land for a bit, and decided it was time to eat.  We ate at the Croc Pot Cafeteria.  There was a huge selection of choices for food.  There are even organic and allergen friendly food choices!

After lunch, we promised Lincoln we would head to Crocodile Cove Water Park....conveniently located right inside of Lake Compounce!  Daddy and Lincoln got dressed in their swimsuits, and Lincoln snapped a quick photo with me. 

The two of them went off to explore the water park, while I hung out with this guy.

Not so bad, huh ;)

While Lincoln splashed in the water park, and even went down a few water being pretty darn big, I fed Avery, and he took a nap in the shade. 

Lincoln played for about an hour, and then it was time to do some games!

We headed back to kiddie land to do a few more of Lincoln's favorites.  He seriously LOVED the bumper cars.  He rode them 3 times in a row because there was no wait!

Another favorite was the Caterpillar Train.  I swear he's having much more fun in these photos.  We were all laughing actually, every single child on the train was dead serious.  It was pretty funny!

Little Dare Devils are tiny motorcycles that go around.  While waiting in line, Lincoln was chatting with another little boy.  He told him, "my name is Lincoln James Allen...but, you can call me Lincoln."  Kids say the darndest things, I tell you!

He also got to fly an elephant!

I think my favorite part of the day was when Lincoln performed for us.  There weren't any shows going on, but he was determined to put one on!  It was seriously hysterical.  He got on the stage, and we all took seats on the benches.  Then, he started to sing and dance!  People walking by were cracking up.  I got one of his performances on video.  He was singing "Bad to the Bone."


We left the park at 9pm!! A long day for sure, but oh my goodness we had such fun!  Next year I think we might splurge for a season pass.  The summer pass is only $50!

Don't forget, you can get $7 off the admission price by clicking here and entering code "SUMMER2014."

Have you been to Lake Compounce this summer?

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