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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Discount Tips for Family Days Out

It’s wonderful to have the kid’s home from school for the summer and at weekends, but entertaining them all the time can be an expensive affair. They constantly need entertainment, and sometimes the same old tried and tested routine won’t cut it. Luckily, attractions like the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco offer a series of specific discounts which can make it a whole lot easier to budget with a family in need of entertainment.
1)      Buy Tickets Online
Many attractions want to encourage you to buy your tickets in advance, and will sometimes offer a slightly cheaper price if you’re buying online, instead of buying your ticket on the door on the day.

2)      Locals Discount
If you live nearby and can provide evidence like an electricity bill with your address, or your drivers’ license, some places will discount your ticket price to support local people attending their attractions. Every little helps!

3)     Group Rates
If you’re hosting a kids’ party or want to bring another family along, many attractions offer a group rate which is a lot cheaper than buying each individual ticket at normal price. If you’re organised in advance, you can contact the other parents and make sure all the kids bring the right money.

4)      Membership
Sometimes your kids just can’t get enough of one place. When you ask them what they’d like to do today, they say the same thing every time, even if they only went there last week! If this sounds familiar, you might be sensible to buy an annual membership or discount card so you’re saving money with one initial outlay for the membership, and then discounted or free entry after this.

5)      Be Strategic About Gifts
When it’s coming up to Christmas or birthdays and relatives ask what your kids might want for a gift, suggest gift certificates for local attractions. It’ll be such a treat for your kids, and the gifter will enjoy giving your child an experience instead of just another toy or game.

It’s tough being a parent and it’s natural to want to provide as much entertainment as
possible for your kids. There are many ways you can save money and still give your kids
the greatest time and excellent family members you’ll all treasure for a lifetime.

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