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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Custom Christening Gifts

Baptism is a very special moment in life of the family and friends of the child. Of course, if you have been chosen as a godfather or godmother you would like to give something special that will be remembered for a long time as from a friend or family member. However, buying something in a traditional christening shop can be not personal and affectionate enough for you. So here you can find ideas for the best custom/personalized christening gifts:

1. A baptism candle

The baptismal candle is an excellent classic gift! They have always been gladly given away by friends and relatives to be baptized. The beautiful christening candle has a discreet, fashionable design and the family of the child will be very pleased.

2. A guardian angel

A guardian angel pendant is a beautiful, classic idea for baptism ceremony. An elegant jewelry piece can be added to the chain for the baby’s hand and may even accompany him or her during a lifetime. It should be made of high quality metals, which will give the guardian angel pendant a long-lasting value. On request, it can also be engraved with baby’s initials.

3. A personalized bracelet

It is a truly exquisite gift for baptism and a wonderful memory for the godchild. Such bracelet can be supplied in various lengths, so the baptized person can wear the bracelets while growing up.

4. A creative birth plate

A birth plate is a beautiful, personalized gift for baptism which will remain with the child for a whole life. Each plate is created by hand and hand painted, so it will be one of a kind. The plate can be kiln-fired with the name, place of birth, date, weight and size of the child. You can also choose hand-designed photo plates as unique christening gift idea.

5. A christening gown

Even if it has to be presented before the baptism ceremony, a christening gown is really a practical and traditional gift that would be especially appreciated by child’s parents.

6. Personalized Bible

Certainly, such Bible will accompany a godson or a goddaughter during some years on his or her way. A personalized Bible is a perfect gift for baptism ceremony. Lively and colorful version of child’s first Bible will tell from the perspective of Jesus himself about his deeds and experiences. This brings an exciting way to become closer to religion.

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