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Monday, May 5, 2014

Tennessee Vacation - April 2014

Well, we made quite the road trip a few weeks ago.  On a whim, Jared and I decided to drive to Tennessee to visit his brother and kids.  Normally, we would fly there, but airline tickets would have cost us around $2,000.  No thank you.  Lincoln is an amazing traveler.  We were pretty sure he'd be okay for the 16 hour drive.  And Avery is such an easy going baby.  We were very hopeful he would do great. 

And?  Well, we were right.  We have two little amazing travelers!! We broke the trip into two days, so it wouldn't be so overwhelming.  We were prepared with movies, games, and other activities to keep Lincoln entertained in the car.  Avery either slept or played with some toys.  We stopped every 3 hours or so to eat and stretch out. 

Lincoln was super excited to be spending a night in a hotel.  He really has traveled so much, that he just knows the drill so to say. 

Here are my sweet boys hanging in the hotel lobby, waiting to check in.

The second day, we woke up bright and early ready to take on day number two of traveling.  We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch, and Lincoln beat one of those little peg games on his first try!  Swear, my kid is a genius!

When we entered Nashville, Lincoln was practically speechless when he saw the "Batman building."  He wanted to go inside to meet Batman. 

We arrived at my brother in-law's house around 4pm or so.  We were pretty exhausted, but Lincoln was just so excited to be there and see his cousins. 

Then next day, we headed out to this huge Easter egg hunt.  We went to a place where there were a bunch of baseball fields.  A helicopter flew over the fields and dropped loads of Easter eggs.  And then, the kids went wild!  They broke it up into different age groups, so it wasn't total chaos. 

Here's a photo of one of the helicopters dropping the eggs.

It was beautiful outside.  Avery was able to get some fresh air and watch the events with his Momma.

And Lincoln was just so excited about everything.

Including getting a mustache painted on his face :)

I just love him to pieces!

Avery seriously crashed.  The combination of all the fresh air and extra stimulation, he was beat!

He seriously woke up from his nap, took a bottle and fell asleep again!

The rest of our trip was relatively low-key.  We visited Nashville and went to the Opryland Gaylord hotel...which is probably the most gorgeous hotel I have ever stepped foot in.  They had these gardens and waterfalls that you could walk through.  It was like this beautiful park, inside of a hotel!

Each night Lincoln crashed.  The three of us slept in a full-sized bed.  It was quite cozy.

We took Lincoln to the Opry Mills mall in Nashville and went to Dave & Buster's.  He had a great time, and ended up with almost 7,000 tickets!

We also did some shopping at that mall.  It's seriously my favorite mall ever.  I have to visit it every time we go to Nashville.  I went on a little shopping spree at Loft, and Lincoln was styling in some shades.

Before long, it was our last night in Tennessee.  We all went out for dinner and enjoyed our last evening.  Here's Avery with his Uncle Quincy.  He loves him so much.

And here's Lincoln playing some checkers with his cousin Mallery.

And Mallery feeding her baby cousin Avery.

And we're on the road again.  The drive back home is certainly not as fun as the drive there.  Vacation was over. 

BUT, we still had one more night in a hotel.  We upgraded to a whirlpool suite (for seriously $5 more?!?) for Lincoln.  He was so excited!!

We had a great vacation, and the traveling could not have gone better.  I consider myself very, very lucky to have such great little travelers!  I do think breaking them in early really helps. 

I'm really thankful we were able to take this little vacation.  It was a great escape.


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