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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Soccer Mom Status

Last year Lincoln played soccer.  It was a moment I had been waiting for as soon as I found out we were having a son.  The league he played on last year wasn't broken down into teams.  It was about 30 kids who participated in the program.  Each week they did different drills, more or less "playing" with the soccer ball.  Lincoln enjoyed himself and all, but he really just wanted to play the game! 

This year I had the option of keeping him in the same league, or moving him up to the next level.  I was really excited to move him up.  If he was ready to play the game last year, certainly he would be ready this year! 

We made a request for him and his cousin, Cayden to be on the same team.  They are team Kansas City!!  And, they are adorable as can be!!  Lincoln is number 6 and Cayden is number 9.  And NO, we did not plan that one bit.  The numbers were randomly handed out to the kids.  And NO I am not making a dirty joke about that either...I just thought it was funny that if you turned either number upside down, it was the other ones number :)

I was able to get a few photos, but this weekend I plan on taking my actual camera.  These were taken on my iPhone, and while they're not regular camera will do much better!

Little Avery came to cheer on his big brother!  Here he is hanging out with his Grammy!

He had such a great time!  He was a little disappointed he didn't score a goal, so I had to explain that he won't always score goals, but he was a great help to his team.  He seemed to understand that. 

He was so tired afterwards.  He crashed on the couch for an hour!

So happy soccer season is back in full swing!  Looking forward to my weekends being spent on the field with my little family!!

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