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Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday | V.7

A quick "Five on Friday" for you all today.  I apologize for not being around the blog too much lately.  I have had a ton of sponsored posts with deadlines that needed to be met.  I feel so incredibly blessed with all the opportunities this blog has brought to me.  I hope you don't mind the sponsored content.  It helps to keep my blog running, and lets my family do all these fun things! 

Anyways, we wrapped up our road trip right before Easter weekend.  I still have to blog about that, but let me tell you one thing:  my boys rock at travelers.  Seriously.  I'm so lucky! 

Okay.  Friday.  Here we go!

(one).  I think road trips are good for the soul.  I'm sure having pleasant little travelers certainly helps.  But I think there's just something about taking on the open road, and just....going.  That and a new pair of sunnies! 

(two).  What's cuter than a little boy? Well a little boy in mustache jammies, of course!

(three).  I cannot tell you all enough how sweet my Avery baby is.  I think this picture speaks for itself.

(four).  Mr. Picky Pants Lincoln tried corn on the cob the other night, and he LOVED it!  I know there's really no nutritional value in corn, but I was just so excited he finally tried something new!

(five).  Breakfast for dinner.  All day, every day!  Especially when it's Mickey pancakes!

Happy weekend, everyone!!


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