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Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday | V.6

Oh hey there Friday, nice to see you again!  A bit of a brain dump for you all today, but would you expect anything else?!  Here we go...

(one). I am a firm believer that ice cream should be its own food group.  And this delicious cone was my dinner the other day.  Sorry not sorry.

(two).  There is nothing sweeter than when Lincoln says, "Mom, I want to sit next to my brother."  Although I was attempting to get Avery to nap in the swing, he was way too excited for some special time with his big brother.  He may have missed that nap, but the sweetness was so worth it.

(three).  HASHTAG ALL THE THINGS!!  How cute is this little onesie?  More importantly, how cute is the baby wearing it?! Target does it again!!

(four).  Lincoln got a new car seat recently.  We had one of the recalled Graco ones, and he was due for an upgrade anyway.  I was actually able to return our Graco that was four years old, and got him this Batman car seat for the same price!  Major win!  And this car seat?  It's a bit ridiculous, but it has great safety ratings, and my sweet boy loves it!

(five).  I received my Solly Baby Wrap the other day, and I must say...I AM IN LOVE!!  I never thought I'd like a wrap, but OMG this is amazing!  I think I will really enjoy it during the summer months, because it's so light weight.  It was also way easier to use than I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise.  I think Avery loves it as well.  As soon as I placed him in it, he started smiling!  I just wish I had it when he was a newborn. 

Enjoy your weekend!!


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