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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Disney Junior Live On Tour Pirate & Princess Adventure Review

Last night my family had the pleasure of attending Disney Junior Live on Tour Pirate & Princess Adventure at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  I was so excited to have this incredible opportunity.  It's certainly no secret that we are a huge Disney loving family.  With Lincoln being 4 years old, he is ridiculously into Disney Junior.  Jake & the Neverland Pirates is one of his favorite shows! And let's not forget Sophia the First!  Personally, I think my sweet boy might have a bit of a crush on Sophia!  He loves her show too!!

We didn't tell Lincoln our plans for the evening until the night before.  I don't think he really understood what we were doing, until we actually arrived.  However, he did know it was "Mickey" related, and was very excited to wear his brand new Mickey shirt....and shoes!!

Avery was pretty psyched too!  This was his very first Disney event!!

When we arrived to the arena, Lincoln was super excited!!  We grabbed our dinner...which consisted of nachos, hot dogs, and chicken quesadillas....and headed to the show!

When we were walking to our seats, the Doc McStuffins pre-show was going on.  It was the perfect introduction to a wonderful night!  Then the curtain was drawn, and the anticipation was killing Lincoln!!

And just like that...Mickey and Minnie appeared!!

They certainly set the tone for the evening. I mean, Mickey and Minnie ARE Disney, right?!  Next up Sophia the First made her entrance!  The crowd was ecstatic!!

Lincoln & Daddy enjoying some yummy food and drinks!!
 The first half of the show featured Sophia the First.  It was a great little story, and the music was so fun!  Lincoln was seriously glued to his seat the entire time!!

Cinderella even made an appearance!!

After the first half was finished, it was time for a brief intermission.  Of course I used that opportunity to have a quick photo with both of my sweet boys.

Yo Ho, Let's Go!! Next up, was Jake & The Neverland Pirates!! The show opened up to their theme song, and Lincoln sang right along....as did Jared and myself ;)

When Captain Hook came out, Lincoln was quite excited.  He's always been a fan of Hook!!

Avery LOVED the music.  Seriously.  He was actually awake the entire show, and was so happy!  He didn't fuss one bit!  Looks like we have another Disney lover in the making!!!

I attempted a photo with Lincoln, but he seriously would not take his eyes off of the show!!

 The performance was so amazing.  The performers were truly great, and the costumes were magnificent.  They really resembled the television show.

Before we knew it, it was time for the finale! All the character from the show took the stage to perform a final number. 

 The show was really amazing.  The performers really outdid themselves and played their parts so well.  I think one of my personal favorite things about this show was the characters had the exact same voices that they have on television.  I'm sure this made all the children feel all the more connected to the show!  Another favorite of mine...the show was interactive!  They really put you into the show, featuring some things like steering Bucky, bubbles, and even a bunch of gold doubloons!!

If you have little Disney Junior fans in your household, be sure to check if Disney Live On Tour is coming near you!  Your little ones will thank you....and you'll have a nice family night out!

A huge thank you to Feld Entertainment for providing my family with complimentary tickets to this performance.  I was not compensated for this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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