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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Insync #NaturalProbiotic Keeps Busy Moms Healthy This Winter Season

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If you live in the New England area like me, you know what a rough winter season this has been.  In fact, I think this winter has been pretty brutal for most of the country!  As a mom of two young boys, I cannot afford to get sick.  We all know that moms don't get sick days.  Unfortunately for me, Lincoln is in preschool.  We all know that school is filled with nasty germs, which of course my sweet boy brings home to share with us daily. How do you stay healthy during these cold winter months?  Other than chugging orange juice daily, I recently started taking Insync #NaturalProbiotic

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I always heard probiotics were good for you, but I didn't really understand HOW good they are for you!  They are SO important!!  Insync Probiotic is a gradual release supplement that you take once daily.  It contains six natural probiotics, including B. infantis.  This is extremely crucial because it keeps probiotics alive, and able to maintain a healthy intestinal tract -- essential for us to beat sickness!

I found Insync Probiotic while browsing my local Walgreens store.  It's a relatively new product that can easily be found with their other fiber and probiotic items.
#NaturalProbiotic #shop #cbias

I immediately noticed they offered the capsules in two different quantities.  Either 30 or 60 pills.  However, for double the amount of pills, it was only $10 more.  That seemed like a no brainer to me...I clearly chose to purchase the 60 pills.

#NaturalProbiotic #shop #cbias

Along with proper diet and exercise, adding Insync Probiotic to my daily routine will help to keep me in the healthiest state possible for my family.  In fact, I think I'm going to get my husband on board with Insync Probiotics as well!  He cannot afford to get sick either -- who can?!

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