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Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday | V.3

Middle of March already?  Cannot believe next week is spring!  But SO looking forward to it.  I'm so over winter!  So, here we go.  Five random things for today.

(one).  First and foremost, today marks the two year anniversary of my dads liver transplant!  I cannot tell you enough how incredibly thankful I am, not only to his donor, but to his donors family.  They gave my dad the ultimate gift.  Life.  I will forever be grateful for their selfless act.  I have my dad back, and most importantly, Lincoln and Avery get their grandpa.

(two).  Jared and I want to start eating healthier.  I think maybe meal planning might help a bit with this.  My problem is, I hate to cook.  It also doesn't help that Lincoln is Mr. Picky Pants when it comes to eating.  Getting him to try new foods is practically impossible.  Anyways, a favorite we've been having lately is roasted chicken with a lettuce wedge salad.  So delish!

(three).  Earlier this week, we picked Lincoln up from preschool for a little surprise to a family friendly arcade about an hour away.  It's set up similar to Dave & Busters, but on a smaller scale.  He had a blast, and we had a great night out!

(four).  In an effort to start working out, I bought this the other day.  Lincoln exercised with me this morning, and it's quite the workout!  It's nice to have a little workout buddy :)

(five).  My stupid anxiety/panic disorder has been sneaking up on me lately.  I am so over it.  It's so debilitating, and just plain old annoying!  I think it could be partly because of this horrendous winter we have had.  I need some sunshine in my life!  I have been thinking of getting one of those therapy light lamps.  Has anyone ever used one of those? I'll try just about anything. I'm so sick of anxiety!

Anyways.  That's all I've got.  Have a great weekend!

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