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Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday | V.2

I feel like I haven't updated you all too much this week. So, I figured what better way to do it than in one big ol' random post!

Here we go...

(one). First and foremost...WE BOUGHT INTO THE DISNEY VACATION CLUB!!!! And YES...that absolutely deserved all caps!! I will write a post about this soon. Promise.

(two). Speaking of Disney.  It's "Disney week" on the Destination Channel. I recorded a bunch of fun stuff to watch with Lincoln. He'll actually sit down and watch it with me. It's super fun to share this excitement with him! 

(three). I'm really enjoying baby wearing this time around. I didn't get into it as much with Lincoln, but I promised myself I'd give it a shot this time around. I think Avery enjoys it too!! I currently have a Beco Gemini, which I love, but I've been thinking of getting a wrap too...especially with the warmer months ahead. Baby wearing Momma's...what do you love best? I'd love to hear your opinions!!

(four). Lincoln has started that point in school where he gets invited to birthday parties. You should see the look of excitement on his face when he comes home from school with an invitation. We will be going to his second birthday party next weekend. This marks two friend birthday parties this month. Preschool is getting expensive! Hah!

(five). I bought a new mascara today at Target, and I am ridiculously excited to try it out! It's the little things!!!

How was your week? Who has big weekend plans? 

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