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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Favorite Baby Items 0-3 Months

These first three months with Avery have seriously flown by.  Even faster than it did with Lincoln, which I didn't think could be possible! I've heard that each baby seems to go by faster...so maybe it's a good thing we're stopping at two!

Avery is so much different than Lincoln.  In retrospect, he's so much easier and content than Lincoln ever was...thankfully. 

If I made a list of our favorite things for Lincoln's first 3 months, it would have included our arms.  My sweet boy would never let us put him down!

However, as I said, this time is different.  It's also my second time around, so I'm basically a pro, right?! Hah!

Here are a few of our favorite things these first three months.

Favorite Baby Items 0-3 Months

1.  Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper -- Hands down.  My favorite baby item.  Ever.  I wish they had this when Lincoln was a baby.  He may have actually slept!  Avery is still sleeping in the rock 'n play at night.  I know I need to transfer him soon, but he sleeps SO good in it!  I don't want to stop a good thing, ya know?!

2.  Mam Pacifiers -- Avery actually doesn't take a paci too often.  However, when he does, he definitely prefers Mam pacis...just like his big brother did...except Lincoln was a paci lover!  I don't know what it is about these pacifiers, but a lot of people I know have also sworn by them. 

3.  Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets -- These are the perfect swaddling blankets.  They are super soft, and even more importantly...BREATHABLE!! So important!! They are also much larger than other swaddling or receiving blankets.  I have them all over the house.  In his swing, rock 'n play, diaper bag, etc.  They're my favorite!

4.  Bouncer -- We have one very similar to this one.  It actually bounces on its own, which he really enjoyed those first few weeks home.  It's also easily portable, so you can bring it to whatever room you're in.

5.  Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym -- Any playmat is great for babies, but this one is my favorite.  It seems to provide just the right stimulation.

6.  Cloud b Travel Sleep Sheep -- I was torn about whether to purchase the full size or travel size sleep sheep, but I'm so glad I went with the travel one.  It's perfect to attach to his car seat when we're out and about. It offers soothing, comforting sounds.

7.  Circo Sleep 'n Plays -- What's great about these sleepers from Target, is they zip from the bottom up!  They are so perfect for middle of the night diaper changes.  They also have a bit of elastic around the ankles, so they stay put....and they're super soft!!

8.  Baby Swing -- This is the one we have, and it's Avery's favorite place to nap!  This swing can even sway from side to side.  However, Avery prefers the traditional front to back swinging motion. 

9.  Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse -- This was another one of Lincoln's favorites, and Avery loves it just as much.  He only gets it at bedtime, and just stares at the glowing tummy, while he drifts off to sleep.

10.  Boppy Pillow -- We used this a lot the first few weeks.  It was the easiest way for Lincoln to hold his baby brother.  I'd just place the boppy on Lincoln's lap, and then put Avery in the boppy...with me supervising, of course! 

11. Lamaze Freddy the Firefly -- Although babies aren't really interested in toys the first few months, this one certainly got his attention.  It has super bright colors, and a variety of different textures.  Perfect for sensory development!

12.  Sound Machine -- We love this one so much, we actually bought two!  My favorite feature of this machine, is it can play all night long!  I know about the recent studies released about sound machines, however, I think common sense can go a long way.  Obviously you don't have the volume on the machine turned up all the way, and it is never near the baby's head.  Avery loves the rain sound the best...while my husband prefers the ocean sounds...hah!

Were any of these items your favorites?  What other items did you use the first three months? 

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post, however, affiliate links are used.  I do own and use each one of these items.


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  1. WOW!! What a nice swing. So different than the swings when my kids were babies. They had a wind up handle and it would turn off when it unwound. Too funny!!


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