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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekly Recap

I apologize for this being way late in the game, but OMG we are just SO busy!  I feel like a broken record, because I think I say that every single week, but it's just so true!

Last week although we were stuck at home yet again [thank you snow], we still managed to have a fun-filled week.  For starters, we introduced our sweet baby Avery to the crib :::tear::: He has taken a few naps in there, but you guys?  It makes me SO sad to see his little self in that big crib!  He's still in our room at night, but he's starting to get too big for the beloved Rock n Play.  I figure if I slowly transition him, it will go a lot smoothly. 

Lincoln got invited to his first friend birthday party!  You should have seen the excitement on my little boys face when he ripped open that invitation when he came home from school.  It's for a little girl in his class.  He said we need to get her a kitty cat toy :)

Speaking of Lincoln.  The imagination on that boy is incredible!  He had Jared make him a robot costume out of a cardboard box the other day.  He had a ball playing with it!  And for the record, we have also made pirate ships, and spaceships out of cardboard boxes.  Cheap toys for the win!

And my sweet little Avery.  Oh man, this boy is precious.  He is just a dream baby.  So happy and content all the time.

How was your week?

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