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Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly Recap

Oh what a week we had!  Aside from Avery's visit to the ER, we had a pretty good week. 

I found out that you can watch Frozen online.  Lincoln is OBSESSED!!  And if I'm being completely honest here, so am I!  I mean, Let it Go?!  Seriously amazing song!  So we watched it.  A lot.

Jared and I spent a night at Foxwoods Casino, while the boys had a sleepover at my parents house.  My first time away from sweet Avery.  It wasn't even for a whole 24 hours, but boy did I miss him!! There's a beautiful ice skating rink at the casino.  Makes me wish I could skate! 

Avery is loving his playmat lately.   I cannot believe he's really playing already!

Lincoln is starting to think his baby brother is just about the greatest thing ever.  He constantly calls him, "his Avery," and "his brother."  And his latest..."his best friend." ::melts::  Love watching the bond grow between these two.

I bought a new book for the boys, "If I Could Keep You Little."  Super sweet book, and Lincoln really enjoyed it.  There's one part that mentions putting ketchup on your grapes, and Lincoln thought it was a great idea and he needed to try it asap!  So, he did.  Crazy boy who is such an incredibly picky eater, wanted ketchup on his grapes!  But, whatever.  He was trying something new, so I was all for it!  He didn't like the results...obviously! 

We also had Lincoln's parent/teacher conference.  His teachers raved about my little boy!  They cannot believe how much he's grown in one year.  One thing that made my Momma heart happy was they said "some kids are just kids.  Lincoln is a sweet kid."  I mean, I think my boy is sweet, but it's so nice to hear others say it as well.  He pays attention in class, is a great friend, and a hard worker.  I'm so proud of him.

 You guys?  I cannot tell you enough how sweet my Avery is.  I just cannot get enough of this boy.

I try to soak up each opportunity I get to snuggle with him.  I know how fast these babies grow.  And with him being our last, I just don't want it to end!!

Hope you all had a great week!


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