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Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday

I've noticed a few of my favorite bloggers participating in a link up called "5 on Friday." It's basically just 5 random things and you write about them.  It can be anything really.  A bunch of randomness, if you will.  Sounds fun to me, so let's do this!


[one]. Today is Valentine's Day.  Poor Lincoln has yet another snow day from school, so his party will be rescheduled :( He's been looking forward to this ALL week, and worked so hard on his Batman Valentine's.  At least we have Grammy and Grandpa spending the weekend with us...that will cheer him up!

[two].  Also?  It's Valentine's Day, and boy have things changed!  Today we're going to leave the boys for a bit with my parents, and head over to Babies R Us to trade in an old baby item, and get 25% off a convertible car seat for Avery.  Weird thing is, we're actually excited about it!  We *might* grab a quick lunch at Olive Garden...but that's not even a definite thing.  Crazy how things change when you have kids!

[three].  I keep telling myself I need to work out...but I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! And that makes me mad, at myself.  Ugh.  I know, rather than complaining about it here, I should just do it already.  Right before I got pregnant with Avery, I bought some kettlebells.  I think it's time to break those out and get to work. Those, along with some old exercises from my cheerleading days should whip me back into shape!

[four].  Lately, I've been looking at Lincoln and really noticing some changes.  I can literally see him losing his baby face and becoming a little boy.  It may make me a little sad.  It's amazing watching your child grow up and discover new things...but my goodness he's my baby!!!

[five].  I admit it.  The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure.  Something about the train wreck that it is, I seriously cannot turn away!  This season I'm not really feeling Juan Pablo.  I mean, he's *okay* to look at, but his personality is kind of the pits.  As for the girls?  I really like Renee.  She seems so down to earth, and she reminds me of Jennifer Anniston!  But I'm thinking she may be too good for him.  Claire?  OMG, NO!  Just no.  Cannot stand her.  But like I said, I'm not really a fan of Juan Pablo, so maybe they're the perfect match?  Do you watch The Bachelor?  What are your thoughts?  I'd love to hear them!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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