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Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY Valentine's For Kids

As a kid, I remember being so excited to exchange Valentine's with my friends at school.  And major props to my Mom for making sure I handed out EVERY kid in my class a Valentine.  Some kids seemed to neglect giving everyone a card.  Not cool.  Anyhow...

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching {umm, Friday!}, and Lincoln is having a little party in his classroom!  His teacher asked that all the kids bring Valentine's for their friends, and practice writing their name on the Valentine.  

So, what's this Momma do when I'm searching for something fun and creative for my sweet boy to share with his friends?  Turn to Pinterest, of course!

#DIY #Valentines For #Kids

Recycled Crayon Heart Valentine's // Awesomesauce Valentine's // Rainbow Loom Valentine's // Bubbles Valentine // Goldfish Valentine's // Glow Stick Valentine's //  I Like How You Roll Valentine // Play-Doh Valentine's // Bouncy Ball Valentine

Last year, we did the Goldfish Valentine's and they were a huge hit with the kids.  This year, I was planning on doing the Glow Stick Valentine's....yet, Lincoln was insisting on Batman Valentine's.  I really didn't think I'd find any, but then we were at Target, and a package of Batman Valentine's with Batman erasers grabbed my attention.  I knew those were the ones.  I surprised Lincoln with them when he came home from school, and he was so incredibly happy.  Seeing my little boy's eyes light up with excitement over a package of cards that certainly isn't as cute as these mentioned above, was so worth it. 

The thing is...I was thinking of Valentine's for me...not for him.  And what more would my Batman obsessed little boy want than a simple package of Batman Valentine's to share with his friends?

Sometimes, simple wins.  In fact with kids, I think a lot of times simple wins.  Sometimes we just need them to remind us. 

So, while we might not have the most "Pinterest-worthy" Valentine's this year, my little boy is just as thrilled. 

Are your kids sending Valentine's this year?


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