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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Avery's First Trip to the ER

Well, this is one milestone I was hoping Mr. Avery would not beat his big brother with.  Last Thursday night, Avery had his first visit to the emergency room. 

He has been battling a cold for about two weeks now.  We took him to the pediatrician twice.  Specifically for his awful cough.  He was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis. We were given a nebulizer, and he was receiving breathing treatments every four hours.

Avery's cold symptoms eventually disappeared, however, that terrible cough was still hanging on with a vengeance.  It sounded really bad, and it was clear he was having difficulty breathing when he was having a coughing fit. 

So, I turned to Dr. Google.  Yes.  Bad, I know, however, who doesn't turn to Dr. Google?! 

I started looking at symptoms of Pertussis (whooping cough).  I went to YouTube, and watched babies who were diagnosed, have coughing fits.  I panicked.  I showed it to Jared immediately, and he agreed with me that it could very well be Pertussis. 

Although I had the vaccine while I was pregnant, I know that it's not 100%.  I also knew that whooping cough in a newborn is very serious.  I was seriously freaking out.

We dropped Lincoln off at my in-laws, and drove to the Children's Hospital.  I wasn't going to wait until the morning for the pediatrician's office to open.  I knew if it was pertussis, he needed to be seen sooner than later.

When we walked into the emergency room, it was filled with sick kids.  Avery didn't look anywhere near as sick as these kids.  In fact, he was perfectly normal, unless he was having a coughing fit.  Which of course is another symptom of pertussis.

When we were {finally} seen, Avery had his stats checked, and of course everything was perfect.  When I mentioned to the nurse I was concerned about pertussis, she looked at me like I was crazy.  I told her I compared videos on YouTube, and I thought it might be a possibility.  She basically scolded me for doing such a thing, but whatever.  I will never apologize for being concerned about my kid.  We were brought back to a room to wait for a doctor to see him.

While we were waiting, Avery started to have a coughing fit.  Because I knew that the chances of him having a fit while the doctor were slim, I quickly grabbed my phone and video taped it.  It lasted an entire two minutes.  I knew this was pretty much my only chance for a doctor to actually hear his cough.

By the time the doctor came in, it was 1am, and Avery was asleep.  In fact, he slept through the entire examination.  Of course she didn't seem overly concerned.  I asked her to look at the video, and she did. 

She told me she didn't believe it to be pertussis.  She said it is most likely still the Bronchiolitis.  She said if it was pertussis, he would be turning purple or blue.  She said that during the coughing fits, he would also be weak.  In the video, Avery was grunting and clearly pissed off, while he was coughing.  She said that was a good sign.

Part of me just wishes they would have tested him for pertussis.  I think it's a simple swab.  But I am very thankful that she felt confident enough to rule it out. 

It's been two days now since our ER visit, and I definitely think he's improving.  But, my goodness was that scary! 

Here is my sweet baby.  Fast asleep after his examination.

I don't regret bringing him in.  I followed my "mommy instincts," and I think that as a parent, that's really all you can trust.  If something isn't right with your child, then it's your responsibility to do something about it.  Hopefully my sweet Avery will be back to himself soon.


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