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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Avery is 3 Months Old!!

Another month down for my sweet baby.  Somehow, Avery turned 3 months old the other day.  Still not quite sure how that happened! 

This sweet baby boy has truly completed our family.  He is just the most sweetest, happiest baby ever.  I feel so incredibly lucky to be his Momma.

Even though he's only been in our lives for three months, it feels like he's been with us forever.  I really cannot imagine my life without him.

So, what's Mr. Avery been up to this month? 

LAUGHING!!! I knew he was so close to those adorable full-on baby belly laughs.  My mom was the lucky one who made him truly laugh for the first time...but, I was still there to witness it.  Since then, he's been a laughing, giggling machine.  The other day he heard Lincoln laughing at something in the other room, and he started to laugh hearing his brother laugh!  It was adorable!!

He has also found his hands, and he thinks they're just about the greatest thing ever.  He's pretty much in love with his hands.  He will look at them with the most serious look on his face.  So hilarious.  He also tries to shove them in his mouth.  Both hands.  At the same time.  I've also caught him sucking on his thumb a few times while falling asleep. 

He is starting to love toys.  He'll grasp them and hang on.  He likes to feel the different textures.  He's still loving his playmat, and not really a big fan of tummy time...but we're working on it.

Avery is wearing mostly 6 month clothing now, and he's in size 2 diapers.  There are a few 3-6 month pants he can still fit into, but this boy is growing fast!!

He eats around 5-6 ounces every three hours during the daytime.  He's :::whispers::: still sleeping through the night. He goes to bed around 10pm.  Sometimes he'll wake up for a quick feed around 4am, but he'll usually only take 3 ounces or so.  He's mostly been waking anywhere between 6:30-7:30am.  That is just amazing to me, especially because Lincoln was such a terrible sleeper.

We have introduced him to the crib for a few naps during the day.  It kind of makes me sad.  He just looks so tiny in that big crib.  He's doing okay, but I really wish he could just sleep in the Rock 'n Play forever.  That thing is magical. 

He still has those gorgeous blue eyes.  They are such a deep blue.  Jared, Lincoln, and I all have brown eyes, but I'm kind of hoping Avery keeps his baby blues!

We had his three month photo shoot the other day.  We were able to get some great smiley shots :)

Seriously.  Happiest baby ever! Lincoln requested we take a few family shots with our wee baby.  And yes, he totally calls him "his baby," or "his Avery." So sweet!

I just adore my boys!  Here are a few of my favorite photos of Avery from this past month...

If you're following me on instagram, you've probably seen most of these already.  And if you're not, you should follow along if you like cute pictures of baby boys.

Isn't he gorgeous, though?!  I mean, I know I'm definitely biased, but my goodness he's precious!! I just adore him!

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