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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Special Surprise for my Biggest

Since Avery's been born, we've been home a lot more often than Lincoln's used to.  He is really used to be on the go with us, exploring new things.  Whether it be a new children's museum, or shopping at Target.  My boy likes to be on the go! 

He has really been such a trooper though, despite being home a lot.  Avery is 3 months old now, and finally over his terrible cold, so I'm a lot more comfortable with him being out in public.

Last week, we told Lincoln we were going to pick him up from school for a special surprise.  He was beyond excited!!

Little brother Avery hasn't been out all that much, so I took full advantage and dressed him up to go out on the town!!

Freaking adorable, right?!

So, we picked big brother up from preschool and headed to one of his favorite places...the mall to visit Build a Bear and the Disney Store!!

Lincoln had a few gift cards burning a hole in his pocket to Build a Bear...AND, the one located closest to us is closing soon!  So, we new we wanted to go there. 

He quickly chose an adorable Golden Retriever which he named Simba.

For the record, Simba's name is now Rocky, thanks to Paw Patrol! He changed it when we got home, but of course the "birth certificate" says Simba...oh well! 

Next stop was a trip to the Disney Store.  Lincoln is very excited about our upcoming family vacation in September.  I'll fill you more on that later, but here he is posing with Mickey...

He ended up picking out a small Zurg toy.  I swear my sweet boy has a thing for those villains! 

Afterwards, we were all getting hungry.  Avery included!  We decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for a yummy dinner.  It was Avery's first time in a restaurant, and he did great!!

We had a great little family day.  It was so nice to be out.  I think I've had a bit cabin fever myself!  I'm looking forward to many more adventures with my sweet little family :)

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