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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What are the Deadliest Spiders?

What are the deadliest spiders?

In answering that question it would really rather depend on where you lived. Spiders are more harmful in hot countries, although it has to be said that for most people, even the most harmless spider is likely to strike terror into the heart of most of us.

At home we’re safe

At least even if we do come across one in our baths they’re not likely to kill us. In hotter climates such as the US and Australia there are some rather deadly spiders that can kill within seconds.

Some of the deadliest

Black Widow

The Black Widow is probably the most famous and lives in the deserts of the United States, so unless you’re thinking of going there, you’re safe. Although the Black Widow spider has an awesome reputation its bite does not always result in death.

Black Recluse

You really do wish the Black Recluse would stay a recluse when you see it’s leg span. Again it’s a native of the United States, it’ll hide somewhere dark and when it pounces its bite can cause fever and vomiting.

Red Back Spider

The Red Back Spider is found in Australia with a bite that can kill a human, its venom is deadly, and even though the spiders are small their poison is still enough to cause death.

Not all spiders can cause death to humans, although they could possibly scare us to death, many are deadly only to their prey.

The Goliath Birdeater Tarantula is enough to strike fear into most people. Its overall size and thickness of its legs would leave most of us weak, and yet it is harmless to most humans. Its bite wouldn’t kill you, you’d suffer some swelling little else, however if you’re a bird or mouse then it’s a very different story.

Accidents happen

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