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Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Recap

Last year, I participated in a "week by iPhone" link up.  It showcased all the photos I had taken with my iPhone from the previous week, along with a recap about what our week was like.  I participated each week, and then.....I got pregnant.  And I entered the dreaded exhausted, feeling awful 24/7 first trimester.  And my blog suffered.  And hence, I dropped out of doing my weekly post.

Last week I happened to be reading old posts from my blog, and I came across a few of my "week by iPhone" posts.  I read them.  All of them.  In fact, they were some of my favorite posts.  They really recapped our lives, and I was able to reminisce from that time. 

While I am not promising I will do this every week, but I'm hoping to do some sort of weekly recap each week on my blog.  I just don't want to forget these precious moments!

So what were we up to last week?

For starters, BOTH of my sweet boys were sick.  On top of that, Avery had his two month shots, and was all out of sorts from that.  In fact, I still have to do his two month post.  Don't worry, I'll get there. 

Anyways, both Lincoln and Avery got diagnosed with Bronchiolitis.  Lincoln got himself some steroids, and they both got hooked up with a nebulizer for breathing treatments. 

Lincoln was never sick as a baby.  Avery being so little and so sick, was all new territory to me.  And, it was very scary.  His appetite drastically decreased.  I ended up only feeding him 2 ounces at a time, VERY slowly, otherwise he would vomit his entire feeding.  Normally he eats between 5-6 ounces. I was concerned about dehydration.  Thankfully, his diapers continued to be wet.  His cough and that little tiny cry though, seriously broke my heart.  It was just so incredibly sad to see him so sick.  We spent lots of time cuddling.

Even if the boys weren't sick, we would have still been homebound.  We got some snow.  Again.  Have I mentioned I'm ready for spring?  Or how about we just move to Florida during these cold winter months?  I need the sunshine!!

Lincoln has been doing awesome at jigsaw puzzles.  He is completing 24 piece puzzles all on his own!  I'm so proud of him, and it's even better watching him be proud of himself! 

My brother got Lincoln this "penguin kit" for Christmas.  Included in the kit is an egg to "hatch your own penguin."  My sweet boy seriously thought he was getting a real live penguin!  When it finally hatched, he was a bit disappointed!  His response was, "It's a toy?!?!" 

Thankfully, both of my boys are doing much better.  Let's hope that is the end of the dreaded winter sickies, because I think I grew a few {more} gray hairs last week! 

How was your week?

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