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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quick and Tasty Meals From Famous Company

Modern life means always to be on the go, wake up in the morning and have only coffee, then drive to the job location by spending time in traffic or in jam-packed public transport, spend the day working and up to the eye in duties, pick up children from day-care or school, stop for shopping or take clothes from dry-cleaning, and at the end to get home, when no strength or wish to do something is left, but the to do list is still full of tasks. For full time working women and mums the 24-hour period just isn't enough to achieve everything what is planned for a day. Important task of the day is to cook delicious meals for a family and we all know how much time it takes. But we have a perfect helper - there is one brand which can prepare a tasty dinner for the family while everyone will be dealing with their own stuff. The dinner will be ready in two ticks, all you need to do is pre-heat the oven and put frozen Aunt Bessie's Roast Dinner into it. You can prepare any dish of the day by using frozen and ready to bake Aunt Bessie's products and forget about the worries and stop spending many hours at the kitchen.

The company firstly was known as Tryton Foods Limited, now it has become the most popular producer and supplier of frozen food products in the United Kingdom, it is part of the William Jackson Food Group, which was founded in 1851. The company is owned and run by the Oughtred family, who owns the factory, which produces and packs the frozen products. The factory is located in Hull city, the United Kingdom, with more than 350 employees working in it. The company also owns Aunt Bessie’s brand and produces about 20 million frozen products of each offered line a week, providing its loyal customers with variety of delicious and traditional meals, including garnish, vegetables and desserts. The brand works with famous and giant retailers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, with impressive exports to Europe and North America, which makes the brand famous around the globe.

In September of 2012 the company won the Grocer Award, which took place at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in London, by rewarding breakthrough innovations in food and non-food product categories. James Turton, the Marketing Director, took the floor on behalf of the company and delivered a speech in which he said that he and the company are thrilled that their products have been notices by The Grocer’s New Product Awards, and they will continue building and creating new know-how ideas to provide their dear customers with exciting products, which will correspond the needs of consumers and help them prepare delicious and easy family meals.

What can be better than a happy and laughing family sitting around one big table groan with
tasty and various meals, these warm moments bring people together. Spend more time with your
families by letting Aunt Bessie's become your little secret helper.

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