The Momma Diaries: March 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tennessee Vacation

Almost two weeks ago, we packed our bags and headed to Nashville, Tennessee, to spend a week with Jared's brother and his two kids. Lincoln was totally excited about riding on an airplane again.  He was definitely a bit confused, though.  Poor boy definitely thought we were going to Orlando to see Grandpa...even though Grandpa dropped him off at the airport.  When we had our layover in Baltimore, he was yelling, "Grammy, Grandpa!!"

While we didn't get to leave the Nashville airport until midnight central time {we're normally eastern time}, Lincoln was such a trooper.   He cracked us up with his seriousness reading the emergency evacuation plan on the airplane. 

The next few days were spent visiting with Jared's brother and our niece and nephew.  We went to Opry Mills, this ridiculously awesome mall in Nashville.  Probably my most favorite mall ever.  Seriously.  They had so many outlets within the mall.  I scored a Vera Bradley bag for $18! I was pumped! We took the kids to Dave & Busters and let them go wild with the games.  Lincoln's favorites were the ones where you put a coin into the slot to knock the other coins over.

Jared also has some Great aunts and uncles in western Tennessee, so one day we made the 2.5 hour drive to visit with them.  They lived on a gorgeous farm.  I was hoping for animals, but there were none :(

We visited the Nashville Zoo while we were there, but that will be a separate post :)

Our last full day we were there, we went to the Tennessee Aquarium, in Chattanooga.  What we didn't realize, was this was an almost THREE hour drive!  A bit crazy considering we took the long drive a couple days earlier. 

The kids had a fantastic time, and despite the long drive, it was totally worth it.  Lincoln even got to hold a butterfly in the butterfly exhibit.  He loved it!

chatanooga aquarium

Then it was time to go home.  We woke up early in the morning to head to the airport for our 9:30am flight.  Lincoln was a trooper yet again, reading the emergency manual on both our flights.  When we had our layover, the flight attendant invited Lincoln into the cockpit of the plane to meet the pilot.  The pilot was actually on his cell phone, but he saw Lincoln and actually got right off his phone!  He shook hands with my sweet boy, and Lincoln directed him to read his shirt, which said, "The Ladies Love Me." The pilot cracked up! did the rest of us!

A great trip for us, and we cannot wait to spend time with them again.  But as great of a time we had, it was nice to go home.  Funny I never seem to have those feelings about leaving Disney World ;)


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lincoln's latest evaluations

When we had Lincoln's parent teacher conference two months ago, it was requested that he have an OT evaluation.  Jared and I didn't see the harm of an evaluation, so we agreed. 

Two weeks ago, I received a letter in Lincoln's backpack saying we would be meeting on March 21st.  I assumed this would be when the evaluation would be taking place.  The day before the "evaluation" I received an envelope in Lincoln's backpack with the report from his evaluations.  OT and PT.  Apparently the meeting was to go over this report. 

I was a little blindsided, because I thought we were going to be present for this evaluation, and I really didn't even know he was being evaluated for PT as well.  There was obviously a huge miscommunication.

I sat down and read the reports.  The tests that were given to Lincoln were a standardized test.  They are also the same test used on a six year old

Let's start with OT {occupational therapy}:

He was first tested in his grasping skills.  He did not show a hand dominance, which apparently there should be one by his age.  He also uses a palmer gross grasp when drawing.  This basically means he holds it sort of while making a fist, and using his entire arm to draw, rather than just his wrist. 

While I personally don't see too much of a problem with this now, the OT would like to work on it with him so he can work on his technique.

The next test was on his visual-motor integration.  This measures a child's eye-hand coordination.  They gave him a pair of scissors to see how he cut.  I have personally never used scissors with Lincoln, but I know he occasionally uses them in school.  I guess he had a bit difficulty using them the correct way, however, he was able to snip a piece of paper. 

He was capable of imitating horizontal and vertical lines, however, did not copy a circle, square, or cross.  He can draw a circle and a square.  I've seen him do it.  He does however refuse to draw a cross, for whatever reason.  Heck, I've even seen him draw a heart! 

That being said, because it is a "standardized" test, if Lincoln draws a square and it doesn't have the four prominent points to signify a square, or if it's rounded in any way, he doesn't get credit. 

Do I think this is ridiculous?  Honestly.  I do a bit.  He's freaking three years old, and I feel like he's being tested in each and every little thing. 

The OT recommended one hour per week of therapy. Jared and I agreed to 30 minutes per week.  He only goes to school 2.5 hours per day, and three of those days he's pulled out for 30 minutes for speech....which he very much needs.  I really want him to still get the social interaction at school.  He loves school, and I want him to continue to do so.  Also, sometimes those 30 minutes per week will actually be in the classroom, so he won't have to be pulled out. 

Now let's move onto PT {physical therapy}:

I really was thrown by this, because I honestly think he's perfectly fine in this area.  And for the record, I still believe this, even after the evaluation.

Lincoln scored within the average range for his stationary skills.  This primarily means balance. 

For his locomotion skills, they were very concerned with his usage of the stairs.  He would always use the railing while walking up or down. 

Are you asking yourself, "what's wrong with that?" right now?? Because I sure was!

They said nothing is wrong with it, and I will continue to insist he holds on if there's a railing.  Again, it was just "part of the standardized test." Apparently he also did what they called a "bear walk," where he placed his hands on the steps in front of him while going up the stairs.  I've never seen him do this ever, so he was clearly being silly.  Yet because it was "testing," they had to count it against him.

For his ball skills, they said he would fling the ball, rather than throw it, and that he could only throw it 2-3 feet.  Lincoln has been throwing balls ever since he could hold them.  His ball skills are very, very good, and coordinated, for his age.  And I am not just saying that because I'm his mom.  Swear.

We were also told he moves around a lot for someone his age.  Personally, I think he's just an active little boy.  Nothing wrong with that!

It was recommended he receive 30 minutes of PT per week, temporarily.  Jared and I agreed to this, but we're really hoping it's just for a short duration.  I hate having him pulled out of class, other than for his speech, because that's really what he's there for.

We are also going to be passing a notebook back and forth between ourselves and Lincoln's teachers/therapists.  I was really excited about this approach.  Now I will know if something sounds off, or if Lincoln didn't get a good nights sleep, I can keep them informed. 

Part of me feels like because Lincoln has a speech delay, he's being scrutinized in each and every area.  Jared and I are just waiting for them to "diagnose" him with ADHD or something.  If that is even mentioned, my inner Momma bear will be roaring for sure.  I REFUSE to medicate my child for being a kid!

He's three years old.  Can't he just be a kid?  Are all of these evaluations and therapy sessions necessary? 

I know he needs the extra help in speech, and I'm well aware of that.  It's just, I feel like my sweet boy is being picked apart.  I just hope they really have his best interest at heart. 

So for now, we'll see how this goes.  Wait and see. 

Have you ever had an evaluation for your child, and didn't completely agree with it?  What are your thoughts?


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Monday, March 25, 2013

Week by iPhone - 12/52

This past week, we were getting back in the swing of things, since our vacation to Tennessee...which yes, I know I still have to write about.  I promise.  It's coming.  Soon.

We arrived back to our house early Tuesday evening, from a day of traveling home.  It was pretty exhausting to say the least. 

I didn't cook a single dinner last week.  We ate out.  A lot.  Oh wait, we had tacos one night. So, yeah, I cooked.  Once.  Whatever.  

This weekend was crazy busy.  We had Jared's brothers wedding reception on Saturday.  He got married back in February in jealous, but so happy for them!  Saturday was a great celebration.  Lincoln was really excited to be going to yet another party.  They didn't have a DJ or dancing, however, they had a pianist.  Literally, as soon as he started to play, Lincoln grabbed my hands to dance with his Momma.  Such a little sweetheart. 

He ended up crashing on me for a good 40 minutes or so before he woke up and was the life of the "party" again. 

Sunday we took Lincoln to his first hockey game.  He loved it!

So a great {busy} week!  This coming weekend is Easter.  We are going to my parents house, and I'm so excited for their annual Easter egg hunt!  Lincoln will really have a blast this year!

How was your week?!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things I dont' want to forget | V.3

Lincoln calls his belly button his "b-button." Freaking adorable, let me tell ya!

He has started to refer to himself in the third person, and it's so cute.  He'll say, "Lincoln's tired." or "Lincoln's hungry." 

He's learning direction and is quite the backseat driver.  He however refuses to say "turn left." If I say, "turn right," he says, "turn RIGHT, mom."

As much as I hate to admit this, Lincoln still uses a pacifier for bedtime.  However, he has had SO many different words for his beloved paci.  You might recall this video, where he called it "P." Since then, it has been pie, Emmett (??), baby, and papa. And now, are you ready for the latest?  "Need one."  Yep.  He calls his paci a "need one."  It sounds really funny if we're out in public and he's saying, "Mom, need one!!" He'll even ask for it in his sleep.  The other night I heard him say, "Need one.  Where'd it go??"

I mentioned last week that Lincoln is pooping on the potty.   When we are home, he uses his little frog potty, so he will ask to "poop on the frog."  That being said, now whenever he has to poop, no matter where he is, he says he has to poop on the frog.  Earlier this week we were at the aquarium, and he asked to poop on the frog.  Jared took him to the bathroom and he pooped on the potty...but don't tell him that.  It was totally a frog. 

Lincoln loves to name body parts, and has for quite some time.  However, whenever he gets to "nose," he will say, "Nose....ACHOO!!!" 

Did I ever tell you my son is a comedian?  No?  Well, now you know ;)

Until next time...


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

I love Easter.  It's a sign of spring, warmth, and sunshine.  Now that Lincoln is 3 years old, putting together an Easter basket for him, is really fun!  Aside from the smaller things he will be sure to find in his basket this year {matchbox cars, bubbles, stickers, crayons & coloring book}, I thought I'd share some ideas for larger items!
alex toys
Alex Toys Rub A Dub Dirty Dogs
 Lincoln loves bath time.  These little dogs start out "dirty," and then you wash them clean!  I already picked them up on sale at Target.  I just know he's going to love them!!

transportation bath stickers
Alex Toys Rub A Dub Stickers for the Tub

I already bought these as well.  These are little foam cutouts that will stick to the walls of your bathtub.  Lincoln has never had a bath toy like this, so I know he's going to be super excited.  He will also love to make roads and drive his little vehicles around.

Easter Bunny Sidewalk Chalk from A Bath Shoppe on Etsy

I love supporting home based businesses.  This etsy shop makes the cutest Easter Bunny sidewalk chalk!  I cannot wait to get our driveway paved, so Lincoln can have a blast with sidewalk chalk...& me too ;)

Transportation I Spy Bag from Vintage Baby Pretties on Etsy

What little boy wouldn't like this transportation themed "I Spy" bag?! These bags are also very educational.  You can work on words, shapes, colors, etc!

Duck & Goose Here Comes the Easter Bunny board book

Duck Duck Goose is now one of Lincoln's favorite games, thanks to preschool.  When I saw the title of this book, I figured he'd enjoy it.  It looks really cute!

Car Cozy from Cliodana on etsy

I love this little car cozy from Cliodana on etsy.  This would be perfect to pack on a road trip.  It can store six little cars, and even has a road for them to play on! 

mickey's clubhouse hunt
Mickey's Easter Hunt book
 Lincoln has been pretty obsessed with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode, "Clubhouse Hunt."  He refers to it as, "Mickey again!" This book is just like that episode! 

I'm sure I will come up with a few other things to throw in his basket.  How about you?  What are you putting in your tots Easter basket?


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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FREE Easter Printable

Just another free printable for you today! Simply click on the image, right click and save!  Then pop it into your favorite frame to display!!

If you're looking for more printables, visit my shop!  I'm always adding new things!!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Week by iPhone - 11/52

Super quick recap from last week. We're still in Tennessee until tomorrow. Today we are headed to the the rain. Hopefully it's not as bad as it sounds. We've had a great week, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. Here's just a glimpse of what we've been up to...

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Friday, March 15, 2013

When did my son become such a big kid?

My parents spent the week at our house last week.  Mid-week, Jared and I decided to have an overnight getaway at the casino.  It's very rare that we get date nights nowadays.  And although I'm not complaining, and adore my sweet son to pieces, sometimes it's nice to just get away!

Like I said, we were only gone for one night. 

When we returned the following afternoon...Lincoln seemed like such a big kid all of a sudden! We were only gone 24 hours, how was that even possible?!

I swear he was taller, and even talking more!  I'm serious with this talking business.  I love it.  He is talking SO much more, stringing several words together to form sentences.  I am just so incredibly proud of my son, and he is so proud of himself.  That is something so incredible to see. I can actually have a conversation with my 3 year old.  I have been waiting for this, and words cannot express how happy this makes me.



And you all know that required caps because of this post a few weeks ago. 

I don't even know what happened really, he just started going....ALL ON HIS OWN!

Suddenly my little boy is just seeming SO BIG, and I don't know how it happened! 


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Thursday, March 14, 2013

One year ago today... dad received the call, that would essentially change his life.  One year ago today, was one of the most terrifying days of my life.  One year ago today, was a day of hope.  One year ago today, my dad had his liver transplant.

I still cannot believe it's been one whole year.

The year my dad lived in Florida, is so much of a blur to me.  It's almost like we were all living in a dream, waiting for that very moment to happen.  Watching my dad get sicker and sicker.  Praying there was some sort of light at the end of this nightmare. 

That day was full of mixed emotions for me and my family.  My mom and brother flew right down to Florida to be with my dad.  It was hard for me to not be there when my dad was having such a big surgery.  Not to physically be there with my mom and brother.  Jared stayed home from work that night, and I remember staring at my phone from 5pm when my dad went into his surgery, until each and every update I received. 

This past year has been a long road of recovery for my dad.  He wasn't exactly the easiest patient at first.  He did however, pull through, and today he is stronger than he's been in a very long time.

Last month to celebrate, my parents took a 5 day trip to Vegas.  My dad has always wanted to go there, so he was thrilled when my mom suggested it.  While they were there, they also visited the Grand Canyon...another thing on his bucket list!

I am beyond thankful.  Having my dad 1500 miles away from us for a year so he could get a transplant faster than if he stayed home in Rhode Island was very hard for my family.  Especially my mom.  But obviously, we made the right choice.  My dad is back!! 

And my sweet Lincoln?  He gets his grandpa!  And let me tell you how much my boy loves his grandpa...

I think that photo speaks for itself. 

It is so nice to know my dad is going to be okay.

So today, I am celebrating my dads life.  His new life.  And I am forever thankful for his selfless donor and his family.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter Outfits for Toddler Girls

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you my favorite Easter outfits for toddler boys.  I had such a fun time browsing little outfits online and putting them together, that I decided to do the same for toddler girls!  YES.  I KNOW, I'm a boy mom, and I love it to pieces, but I'm a woman and wanted to do something  a bit more...girly?  So with that, I bring to you my top 3 Eater outfits for toddler girls!

toddler girls easter outfit

The first is from Crazy 8.  We don't actually have a Crazy 8 near us, but I so wish we did! I'm a complete Gymboree junkie, and Crazy 8 is just like Gymboree, but with a bit lower price tag.  I love this blue gingham dress.  So precious and classic for Easter.  And the corker bows?  OMG.  LOVE!

toddler girls easter outfit

Can you tell blue is my favorite color?  This darling ensemble is from Carter's.  I really love everything about this for a little girl.  The frilly dress and matching bow...precious! I do think living in New England, I'd have to pair it with some tights.

toddler girls easter outfit

And lastly, and probably my favorite, from Old Navy.   While I know this isn't your "typical" Easter outfit, I think that may be why I like it so much!  It is so carefree and screams "SPRING!" I love the matching sunglasses, and the itty bitty butterflies on the flutter sleeve shirt. 

While I had a blast planning outfits for little girls, I have to admit, I kept going back to those plaid shorts and sweater vests.  Little bow ties and button down shirts.  I guess I'm just a boy mom through and through!  But...this was still fun :)

Disclosure:  Again, no compensation at all for this post, just wanted to share some cutie outfits!


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Monday, March 11, 2013

Week by iPhone - 10/52

I'm apologizing for the lack of photos this week.  We were crazy busy.  My parents stayed with us from Sunday until Thursday.  Jared and I booked an overnight at the casino Wednesday, while Lincoln enjoyed some time with Grammy & Grandpa.  We are such dorks that when a slot machine asks for a name, we type either "Lincoln" or "LJ."  At one point, his name was on the "high scores for the day" screen THREE times! 

While my parents were here, we colored Easter eggs one day.  Lincoln thought that was pretty fun!  I think we'll do it again, closer to Easter day. I also picked up this adorable bunny kit to make little pom pom Easter bunnies with him.  They came out pretty cute!

Saturday we headed to my parents house, because Jared had a hockey game in Rhode Island, and I had a baby shower on Sunday.  We're flying out tonight to head to Nashville to spend the next 8 days with Jared's brother and two kids!  SO FREAKING EXCITED!! 

Lincoln is going to be so psyched when he realizes he's going on an airplane!  He hasn't been on one since my aunts wedding last October...& while that might not seem like a long time away, you have to remember that he was going on an airplane close to every other month to visit my Dad all last year! 

week by iphone

Although I'll be enjoying myself in Tennessee, I actually have posts scheduled while I'm away :::pats self on back::: 

I also have a giveaway going on right now.  Click here to enter...crazy low entries right now!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink - Review & Giveaway

If you're trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or a mom, then you know all about the importance of prenatal vitamins.  You also know about the horse pill size of the prenatal vitamins.  And who likes to attempt to swallow a huge pill each and every day...especially when you're dealing with morning everyday sickness?!  I know when I was pregnant with Lincoln, those first 12 weeks especially, were tough trying to choke down a pill. 

Let me introduce you to Premama.

premama giveaway

Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix by Premama has ingredients to help with nausea and digestive relief–two common side effects of Prenatal Vitamins. The drink mix provides key nutrients (including folic acid, iron, and DHA) for both mom and child and packs in ginger and Vitamin B6, all without needing to swallow a pill! A complete pregnancy vitamin, Premama is doctor recommended.

That's right folks, this prenatal vitamin is actually a DRINK. Complete GENIUS!!!

It is so easy to use too.  All you do, is mix Premama in your favorite beverage.  That's it.  It's completely flavorless.  I prefer it in my morning glass of OJ.

I was recently offered the opportunity for myself and my friends sample Premama.  I was THRILLED!!

premama prenatal vitamin drink

We are currently trying for baby #2, and a lot of people don't realize the importance of taking a prenatal vitamin BEFORE you are even pregnant.  As much as I'm enjoying Premama now, I'm looking forward to taking it even more when I'm actually pregnant.  I cannot wait to see how much it helps with dreaded morning sickness. 

I have been recommending Premama to all my friends.  And lucky for you, one of my readers can WIN 30 day supply of Premama! 

To enter, you'll need to click "read more" to open the Rafflecopter widget.  The first two entries are mandatory.  Once those are completed, the widget will allow you to open the rest.  The more steps you complete, the more chances for you to win!! Good luck, everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FREE St. Patty's Day Printable

Today I bring to you another FREE printable!!  Just click on the photo, then right click save, print out, and pop in your favorite frame! 

free saint patrick's day printable

Perfect for St. Patrick's Day coming up!  For more wall art designs, come visit my etsy shop

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cheesy Sloppy Joe Pockets - Recipe

sloppy joe recipe

Growing up I hated Sloppy Joe's.  It was very rare that we had them, but when we did I remember whining about it.  I swore I would never make my kids eat them. 

However, that being said, a few weeks ago we were at a friends house and she made these sloppy joe "pockets."  She won me over when she said there was cheese inside of them.  I don't know about you, but I love me some cheesy goodness. 

Here's what you need:

1 lb ground hamburger
1 can Pillsbury grands biscuits
1 can sloppy joe
shredded cheddar cheese


Brown meat in pan until cooked.  Drain.  Add sloppy joe mix and heat.

Next you pop open your can of biscuits {& try to startle yourself while doing so, unlike me}.  Take one biscuit and stretch it out to flatten it.  Next you scoop a small amount of the sloppy joe mixture and place on top of the biscuit.  Sprinkle with cheddar cheese. 

Then you fold over the biscuits to make a "pocket."  This is probably the messiest part, but it gets easier the more you do it.  Also?  While it may seem that the pocket looks too small, it's not.  They will get larger when they bake. 

Bake at 350 for 8 minutes, then flip them over and bake for 7 more.

And that's it!  What you end up with is this yummy cheesy pocket!

It's soooo good!  I wish Lincoln would even attempt to try it, because I know he'd love it....but he's three ;)

If you try these, come back and let me know what you think!

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