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Monday, December 9, 2013

Avery's Birth Story

Consider yourself forewarned.  This post is going to be ridiculously long, and loaded with photos :)

My scheduled C-section was bright and early at 8:15am on Monday, November 18th.  I had to arrive at labor & delivery at 6am.  Waking up at 4:30am wasn't all that hard.  I probably got 2 hours sleep total that night.  I was so incredibly anxious to meet my new son.  I also snuggled my biggest boy, Lincoln tight that night.  I knew that his life was going to be changing within the next few hours.  I hoped he would never feel neglected or replaced.  I struggled with a lot of feelings that I'm sure many, many Momma's have experienced.  Kissing my sweet boy goodbye that morning before we left, was so incredibly hard. Although he was fast asleep, I still whispered "I love you" in his ear.  He knew there was a baby in my belly, but I didn't know just how much he really understood.  My brother stayed at our house with Lincoln, while Jared and I headed to the hospital. 

We arrived promptly at 6am.  I was admitted and had to sign a TON of paperwork.  I had also requested for my tubes to be tied after my C-section.  I cannot tell you how many times I had to consent that this is what I wanted.  I had to sign a few different forms, and verbally consent to several doctors.  I got my IV placed and was hooked up to the monitors.  I was actually contracting pretty regularly, and I could feel them.  Some were quite intense!  It seems like our little boy would have chose the 18th for his birthday on his own! 

We still weren't sure if I would be able to receive a spinal or have to go under general anesthesia again, like I did with Lincoln.  They sent me one of their very best anesthesiologists - who actually ended up being the same anesthesiologist I had for my thyroidectomy.  He came in to chat with me before the surgery.  He offered to attempt the spinal, however, he was not very confident it would work - and, he said it was risky because I already had 3 prior failed attempts with Lincoln.  Although it wasn't the answer I was hoping for, I decided it would be best if I went under the general anesthesia. 

I gave my husband a giant hug and kiss, and they wheeled me into the operating room. 

The COLD operating room.  Oh my goodness, it was freezing in there!  Thankfully, one of the nurses put this awesome heated blanket on my upper body while they were prepping me for surgery.  Normally you're already asleep when they prep you for a surgery.  However, they want the baby to be under the anesthesia for as little time as possible. 

There were SO many people in the operating room.  My hospital is a teaching hospital, so it was expected.  They were all really nice, and talking with me to keep me relaxed. 

The last thing I remember before being put out, was my doctor asking me if I was sure I wanted my tubes tied.  I again said yes.  One of the nurses told me "sweet dreams, and when I woke up I'd have my beautiful son to hold." 

I woke up to my nurse telling me my little boy was perfect.  9 pounds of perfection.  Jared ran over to me with the camera.  He showed me a bunch of photos he took of him...he was beautiful! 

It wasn't long before my baby was brought into my room, and he was placed into my arms.

I didn't realize it at the time, but oh my goodness was I swollen after the surgery! 

I held my sweet Avery for a little while, and then passed him to his Daddy. 

Once we were settled into my post partum room, we called my brother and asked him to come by with Lincoln.  I could not wait to see my two boys meet for the first time.

Avery had a special gift to give to his big brother, Lincoln.  A personalized Batman backpack, filled with lots of goodies.  Lincoln's favorite?  The Super, Incredible Big Brother book!

Also?  Yes. Lincoln is totally wearing big brother scrubs!  I couldn't resist buying them for the occasion!

My first night there was pretty rough.  For starters, they gave me a bag of Pitocin to contract my uterus.  I don't remember them doing this with Lincoln, or if they did, it never hurt.  Because, OMG the contractions!!  Seriously.  I had my baby already, yet was experiencing uterine contractions. It was not fun at all.

I had my catheter taken out at 6pm.  I finally went to the bathroom around 9pm.  However, it wasn't much.  I kept getting the urge to pee, but nothing would come out.  My nurse told me sometimes this happens when you have a catheter.  She said you'll have the sensation, but can't go.  This went on for six hours.  Yes.  SIX.  And, I was still having the uterine contractions, so it was even more uncomfortable.

Finally at 4am my nurse came to check on me.  She asked if I had gotten any sleep.  I hadn't.  I told her I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable.  I had to pee.  I just couldn't get anything out.  She said she could temporarily put a catheter back in me to drain out anything I had.  I agreed.  I seriously cannot even begin to tell you how uncomfortable it was to not be able to pee. 

She got another nurse in my room and they did the procedure.  They took over one liter out of me!  Seriously. 

I guess it's a common side-effect of having a catheter.  It was really awful.  Thankfully this was the only time it occurred, and I peed just fine after they did the procedure. 

The next couple of days were spent adoring our new baby boy.  Getting to know him and his sweet self. He's a content little man.  They called him "the prince" in the nursery. 

Lincoln came to visit every day after school with my parents.  He loved coming to visit!

On Thursday morning, my doctor came into my room and asked if I wanted to go home that day.  With Lincoln, we stayed 4 days, until Friday - however, with Avery I was ready to go home after 3 days.  Plus, I wanted to get home to Lincoln.  I wanted our little family together. 

I was discharged around noon, but then we had to wait for Avery to be discharged. 

While I was filling out the paperwork for Avery, I got really dizzy.  The room was practically spinning.  I had to get back into my bed and lay down.  Jared got me some juice and crackers.  I rested for about 30 minutes.  In all honesty, I'm shocked they still let me go home! 

But they did :)

My recovery has certainly been much harder than it was with Lincoln.  I don't know if it's because I had my tubes tied as well, or because this pregnancy was just more difficult in general.  It was all worth it though.  Every bit.

Life at home has been pretty great.  Avery is a dream baby.  Seriously.  He's so sweet.  Really content, and I just love him to pieces.  It's so true what they say.  Your heart just grows when you add another child to your family.  I didn't think I could love another child like I love Lincoln.  But I do.  It's amazing.  My heart is full.  I have my two perfect, healthy sweet boys - and I couldn't be happier.


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