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Monday, November 11, 2013

One more week.

In just one week from today, I will meet my second son. 

It seems so crazy that this pregnancy is almost over.  Trust me though, I am more than excited about that.  Pregnancy #2 has certainly taken its toll on me.  It's been much more difficult and uncomfortable than my pregnancy with Lincoln. 

I'm looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, though.  Just 7 more days and I can hold my sweet baby boy.  Just 7 more days and I will no longer be pregnant...ever.   Rejoice!!

And yes.  I did just say I'll never be pregnant ever again.  I'm having another scheduled C-section, and while they're in there, I'm having my tubes tied.  No more babies.  We are done.  And we are both very happy about our decision.  We will have our two sweet boys, and our family will be complete.  That is such an amazing feeling. 

So no.  No baby girls.  No "going for #3 to try for a girl." And honestly, if one more person says that, I may just punch them in the face!  Seriously.  

Two and through.  That's us.  And we are perfectly content with that.  And our TWO boys. 

It really bothers me that some people really think the "ideal" family is a boy and a girl.  I'd say 75% of the time I tell someone we're having another boy, their reaction is, "aww that's too bad" or "you'll just have to try for #3!"  I normally just reply that we love boys and will be more than happy with two!  Because, REALLY?!?!

Anyways, so yes.  One more week!  I'm trying, TRYING to enjoy these last few days being pregnant.  But it's just so hard.  I'm ready to be done.  Obviously our days of being a little family of 3 are numbered, so I'm trying to soak all that up.  Enjoying my sweet Lincoln, and his snuggles. 

The hardest part for me next Monday morning, will be kissing my sweet boy goodbye as we leave for the hospital at 5am.  He should {hopefully} be sleeping, and my brother will be staying with him.  But just thinking about it makes me tear up. 

I told him that when I have his baby brother, his uncle will bring him to meet him, and see Mommy and Daddy later that day.  We reiterate this every few days or so, and he seems to get it.  He's almost 4 years old, so I think he'll understand at least a little bit. 

I'm ready.  I cannot wait for our little family to be complete.


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