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Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Crafts

Fall is definitely my favorite season.  Living in New England, it's just so beautiful with the foliage, and the weather is absolutely perfect.  As much as I despise our brutal winters, I think I'd miss living in New England if I lived in the south. 

We are now in the month of October -- already, I know!  October is filled with pumpkins!  I loved decorating pumpkins as a kid, and now with Lincoln, it's even more fun!

Here I have compiled a few of my favorite pumpkin crafts on Pinterest.

favorite pumpkin crafts

--Bedazzled Pumpkins -- Fave Crafts
--Bat Pumpkin -- Craft Ideas for All
--Silver Pumpkins -- Minimalisti
--Owl Pumpkin -- My Owl Barn
--Pumpkin Family -- All You
--Kitty Pumpkin -- All You
--Butterfly Pumpkin -- Spoonful
--House Numbers Pumpkins -- At the Picket Fence
--Henna Pumpkins -- Think Crafts

Lincoln looked through these with me.  His absolute favorite was the purple bat pumpkin.  I think that's because he's a bit obsessed with Batman right now.  In fact, that's what he chose to dress up as for Halloween this year.  He wouldn't even consider anything else when we went to the store.  He spotted that Batman costume, and that was it! 

Are you planning on doing any pumpkin crafts this year?

And if you're looking for some fall crafts to do with your kids, check out my post for some super fun ideas!


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