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Friday, October 25, 2013

luna and bean -- Stylish, Functional Burp Coths {Review}

luna and bean

I think every baby deserves a little something special.  Something you might not ordinarily splurge on, but something that is just so incredibly cute, and personalized specifically for that baby.  Let me introduce you to luna and bean, where you can find the most adorable, premium burp cloths other customized baby items!

Normally burp cloths are not something that's considered "cute."  I mean think of what they're used for -- absorbing spit up.  With Lincoln, I remember registering for all these cute itty bitty burp cloths.  When he was born, I soon realized they were pointless.  They were SO small, and certainly not absorbent.  Not too long after, I switched to Gerber prefold diapers and used those.  They certainly weren't as cute, but at least they cleaned up the mess.

luna and bean offers the best of both worlds.  Not only are their burp cloths cute -- they are super absorbent, and a very generous size!! Oh, and another major plus -- they can be personalized!!

Not only does luna and bean offer these darling burp cloths, they have a great selection of other items as well.  Here are a few of my favorites.  How cute is the elephant stuffie?!

personalized burp cloths

 luna and bean generously sent me a set of their premium burp cloths for baby Avery!

I was so excited when they arrived.  They were packaged beautifully.  I didn't want to mess up the gorgeous packaging, but at the same time...I wanted to see all of them!!

luna and bean personalized burp cloths
super cute, right?!
I received a set of three personalized burp coordinating colors to match Avery's nursery!  They are made of a very durable fabric, and the embroidery work is exquisite!

luna and bean personalized burp cloths

Also?  Remember I said they are huge?  Well, I don't think this photo even does it justice, but here it is all opened up.  The middle is super absorbent. 

luna and bean personalized burp cloths

Although I'm hoping Avery doesn't spit-up as much as his big brother did, these will be perfect regardless!  I definitely plan on stashing one in my diaper bag so I can show it off when I'm out with my new baby. 

Want some of these burp cloths for your baby?  Going to a baby shower, and looking for a unique gift? Or maybe something else in the shop?  Lucky for you, luna and bean is offering my readers 10% off of your purchase with code "MOMMADIARIES"

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Disclosure:  I was sent this super cute set of burp cloths complimentary, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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