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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Hugs" & "Kisses"

When Jared's grandmother passed away back in June, we knew we wanted to do something for Lincoln to remember her by.  We just weren't sure what.

Lincoln was 3 1/2 at the time.  We really aren't sure how well he will remember her.  I have memories from when I was three years old, will he?  We really will never know until he's older.

Jared was really having a hard time with this.  His grandmother was truly an amazing person.  She lived an incredible life.  Of course he wanted his son to remember her, and how much she loved him.

So we came up with an idea. 

We took Lincoln to Build a Bear.  Originally, we planned to let Lincoln choose one animal, however, they were having a special, so he was able to choose two.  These animals were to be from his Great Grandma. 

He picked out two adorable little dogs, and we appropriately named them "Hugs" & "Kisses."

We explained to him that these were from his Great Grandma [by showing him a picture of her with him], and that she loves him very much. 

I'm not sure how much he understood, but to this day if you ask him who those dogs are from, he'll say, "Great Grandma!!"  We're going on 4 months now, and he still says this. 

I hope that somehow he's able to remember his Great Grandma. 

I know this meant a lot to Jared.  For Lincoln to have something special from her.  For now, we will continue to talk about her with Lincoln, and let him know how much she adored him.  And he can snuggle up with "Hugs" & "Kisses."


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