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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Top Ten Must Have Pregnancy Items

Let's face it.  Pregnancy isn't always a fun time.  Some people love being pregnant.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those people.  Don't get me wrong -- I love the baby kicks, and find it incredibly amazing that I am growing this tiny life inside of my body, but I also can't wait for it to be November already.  I am so ready to hold my sweet itty bitty baby in my arms.  I cannot wait to see Lincoln with his baby brother.  I will no longer be pregnant!!

I've compiled a few things that have made my pregnancy a bit more bearable.  That sounds awful, I know.  But like I said -- I'm ready for November.

So with that, here are my top ten must have pregnancy items:

favorite pregnancy items

1.  Camelbak Water Bottle - Hydration is so important.  Especially during pregnancy.  I find if I use one of these water bottles, I am able to drink SO much more water!  I am not exactly sure why, but I have heard others say the same thing!

2.  Body Pillow - A lot of people use one of those fancy shmancy pregnancy pillows.  I've tried them, and for whatever reason, they just don't seem to work for me.  However, just a regular old body pillow does the trick. I like to use two of them -- one on each side of me, to prevent me from rolling onto my back, and it also supports my ever growing bump!

3.  Jolly Ranchers - I had a really rough first trimester this time around.  Anytime I would get exceptionally nauseous, I would pop one of these hard candies into my mouth.  It made it a little more bearable.

4.  It's You Babe Mini Cradle - Since being diagnosed with SPD, this little device has helped me out immensely.  It supports my belly so it's not as heavy on my pelvic bone.  The best part is this was only $15 and it actually works!!

5.  Sunscreen - If you're pregnant during the summer, like me, the last thing you want is a sunburn. Your skin is much more sensitive during pregnancy, so using sunscreen religiously is so important.

6.  Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil - I am a huge fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby.  Their products are 100% natural, and perfect for expectant moms, post partum care, and babies.  While we all know there is no way to truly prevent stretch marks, as they are genetic, this soothing oil will make your belly feel so much better, and help to alleviate itchiness.

7.  Tums - I have never experienced heartburn until pregnancy.  And let me tell you -- it's no joke!  The moment you get your positive pregnancy test, stock up on Tums.  Trust me!

8.  EOS Lip Balm - I'm a huge chapstick lover.  Even more so during pregnancy.  Who wants to deal with chapped lips when there are just SO many other things going on?! I love this fun organic lip balm from EOS.  Sweet Mint is my favorite.

9.  Yoga Pants - And honestly? They don't even have to be maternity yoga pants.  I have found that my pre-pregnancy yoga pants fit me during my entire pregnancy.  And trust me, towards the end, it's really the only type of pants you'll want to be wearing.

10.  Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Butter - I love this body butter.  It's great to use not only on your belly, but all over your body.  You deserve some extra pampering while you're pregnant, treat yourself!

Have you used any of these products during your pregnancy?  What are your pregnancy must haves??

 Affiliate links are used in this post, however, I truly love and use each and every one of these products.


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