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Thursday, September 26, 2013

"The Square Cat" Book Dilemma

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen this last week...

Let me explain what happened.  Lincoln came home from school last Friday with a book in his backpack.  A book that wasn't his.  I asked him about the book, and he told me that "Sue gave it to him for Lincoln's house."  Sue is his teacher.  Hmmm.

I turned his backpack upside down, and searched for a note from his teacher saying she let him borrow the book.  Nothing.

By now I'm thinking my sweet boy stole the book from his classroom.  Fabulous. 

I sent an email to his teacher inquiring about the book.

While I was awaiting her response back, I thought about how Jared and I would deal with this.  Lincoln takes the bus to school this year.  If he did take it, and I just put the book back in his backpack, I really didn't think he'd understand what he did was wrong. 

We decided that we would bring him to school a little early his next day, so he could apologize to his teacher, and return the book. 

Every parent has to deal with something like this sooner or later, right?! I tried not to worry about it.  Lincoln would learn a lesson, and we'd move on.

Then I got an email from his teacher.  She told me that Lincoln missed story time that day, because he was in speech therapy.  She said he really wanted to read the book, so she let him take it home for the weekend.  She told me how proud she was of him for telling me what she said.

Wow!  I was seriously shocked.  Here I was thinking my sweet Lincoln stole the book, when in fact, she did let him borrow it!  Personally, I wish she included a little note in his backpack, because REALY, what was I supposed to think?! 

I told Lincoln how proud I was of him, and we read the book.  Again, and again, until he had it memorized.

We enjoyed the book throughout the weekend, and then returned it this week.  His teacher told me she's thrilled with how into books he is, so if he shows interest in any, she'll let him borrow them for home.  Not that we don't have PLENTY of books at home, but I think he gets even more excited to read the book if it came from school.  He just loves school!

So.  Dilemma solved.  Maybe I should just listen to my kid in the future. 


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