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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lincoln's 1st Day of Preschool

Technically this is Lincoln's second year in preschool.  He started last November when he turned 3 years old.  But, it's a brand new year, and that makes for a brand new school year!

Some changes this year for Lincoln.  First of all, he is now in the afternoon class, rather than the morning.  The biggest change in regards to this, is he can no longer nap on school days!  I wasn't sure how he'd do with this transition, because usually if he doesn't get a nap he's either falling asleep at 5pm, or completely miserable.  But I must say, he's been handling it quite well!

He will still be receiving his speech therapy while at school.  However, his speech therapist from last year retired...which makes me very sad.  She was so amazing with Lincoln.  I really hope the new teacher is just as good.

The other big change...Lincoln is taking the bus this year!  I know!! My little boy, on a school bus.  Well, technically it's just a mini-van with car seats, but you get the idea ;)

He was very excited to be taking the bus with his friends, however, I was of course nervous.  However, especially with our new baby boy coming in November, I knew this would be a HUGE help.  Who wants to drag a newborn baby out in New England's winter weather? 

So with that, we decided Lincoln will ride the bus this year.  And I'll admit that waiting outside on our front porch with him for the bus to arrive, is the cutest thing ever.  He gets so excited when it pulls into our driveway!

Of course I took a few obligatory photos on his first day...

He had a great first day.  The first thing he said to me when he got off the bus was, "Mom, we didn't paint today. We went to the playground."  Followed by, "Mom, tomorrow wake up and take the bus again!"  I think he'll have a great year.


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  1. How adorable is he in that batman hat?! Sounds like he will have a great year and that bus is neat.


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