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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fun at the Fair

One of my favorite things about this time of the year, is all the local fairs we have nearby.  I have always enjoyed fairs.  The food, rides, games, shopping booths set up -- did I mention the FOOD?!  Okay then.
Labor Day weekend, we went to our first fair of the season.  We were welcomed with free admission into the fair, because Jared is a police officer.  We had no idea we would receive free admission.  Police officers are normally not considered "military," so this was a nice gesture.
Although we may have got in free, trust me -- we spent that admission money at the fair!  We bought Lincoln some tickets for rides, and he just loves playing all the games.  And then there's all the FOOD!  Seriously glad I passed my glucose test so I could indulge in all the yumminess!
I cannot get over how handsome this boy is!
I meant to take a picture of this delicious fried dough before I ate half of it...but obviously that didn't work out so well.  I have never enjoyed fried dough all that much, until I moved to Connecticut.   Although I grew up in the state over, Rhode Island, it wasn't the same.  It's called "dough boys" in Rhode Island, and it is sprinkled with powdered sugar.  No sauce. 

This one is smothered with sauce and topped with either powdered sugar or grated cheese.  Now, while you might think the taste of powdered sugar on top of sauce sounds gross, it is anything but.  It is seriously DELISH.  Trust me.  I mean, just look at this.

Fried yumminess.  A pregnant momma's dream.
Lincoln played himself a few games.  All of the games were very kid friendly, and even if you didn't "win," you still got a prize. 

 And of course there were rides.  What would a fair be without rides?!

And then I fell in love. 

I found a Dels Lemonade cart in Northwestern Connecticut.  Best.Lemonade.Ever. It also happens that I crave Dels lemonade like crazy when I'm pregnant.  Lincoln and I both treated ourselves to a cup.  Jared opted for a regular ol' slushy.  He missed out.

Hopefully we'll get to hit up a few more fairs this season.  I think I need myself some more fair food ;)

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