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Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Crafts For Kids

Oh Fall, I am so glad you're finally here!! Being pregnant during the summer time is certainly no cup of tea.  I am welcoming the cooler weather with open  arms -- not to mention that Fall is the season baby brother will be born!  So many good things to come!

Fall is also a fantastic season for kids crafts!  I am looking forward to doing a few with Lincoln this year, and I'm sure he'll be doing some in school, as well. 

I turned to one of my favorite sites, Pinterest, for some inspiration.  Here's what I found:

fall crafts for kids

--Handprint Wreath -- Jacy Lee Pulford
--Pinecone Bird Feeder -- Therapy Fun Zone
--Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft -- Muffin Tin Mom
--Painting with Pine Needles -- Kids Activities Blog
--Apple Stamped Banner -- Simply Designing
--Fall Owl Puppet -- An Aroma of my Savior
--Shaving Cream Painted Leaves -- Little Wonders' Days
--Fall Painting -- Crafty Momma
--Salt Dough Autumn Leaves -- Honey Bear Lane

I really think Lincoln would love the pinecone bird feeder and the shaving cream painted leaves the best. 

Are you planning any fall crafts with your children?


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