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Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Fun!

Have I mentioned how much fun we're having this summer?  This past weekend was great!  We spent the weekend at my parents house in Rhode Island, because we had a big family cookout on Saturday.  The weather sure was hot, but thankfully my aunt has a big pool! 

I could seriously live in the water this summer.  Being pregnant and all, come the end of the day, my stomach literally feels like it's going to fall off of my body.  In the water, all that pressure is just gone!  Such sweet relief! 

Lincoln was in the water all day long.  He is even running and jumping into the pool now!  I cannot stress enough how much I love his puddle jumper floatation device.  It gives him the confidence to swim independently in the water--and it makes me worry a lot less!

On Sunday, we took Lincoln to a nearby park by my parents house, for a pony ride! He was SO excited to see all the horses, and couldn't wait to ride!

Lincoln did a great job on the pony.  The instructor actually let him ride for quite some time!  He was a natural, and enjoyed it SO much!

I must say, I think we started something with this pony ride.  He hasn't stopped talking about it, and keeps asking to go back to "Lincoln's pony." My mom even asked me to check into riding lessons for him!  Anyways, we'll see where this leads to, but it can't hurt to look into it! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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