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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Mom, Phone DOWN!!!"

There's nothing like reality slapping you in the face, when your 3.5 year old says to you:

"Mom, phone DOWN.  Play PLEEEEASE!!!!!"
Yeah.  I'm kinda embarrassed that this actually happened the other day.  It certainly wasn't something I was expecting my son to say.  But it definitely got my attention.
I was, probably like most parents, attempting to do a million different things, all while simultaneously race matchbox cars with Lincoln.  And of course, one of those things, included doing something or another on my phone. 
It doesn't matter what I was doing, I could have been saving the world.  But that didn't matter to my son.  He just wanted to have a race with his mom.  He just wanted me.  To actually be there, in the moment with him, rather than going through the motions, all while doing something else.  And?  He is obviously old enough to notice. 
Lincoln's comment made me stop dead in my tracks.  I placed my phone down, and we played.  And I felt incredibly guilty.  My sweet boy wants to play with his momma.  One day all too soon, he'll be wanting to run off with his friends, and do his own thing.  But for now -- I am the most important person in his life.  And I need to cherish this precious time.  I need to really really appreciate it.  Because all too soon, it will be gone.  And then I will have regrets.  I will regret not giving my son that special undivided attention he deserves. 
Dishes can wait.  Laundry can wait.  THE PHONE CAN WAIT!!! 
My sweet boy needs his Momma.  And I need him even more.
So while I may not be keeping up with the latest twitter trends, I am keeping up with the most important little person in my world.  I'm soaking up each moment.  Because all too soon, it will change.

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