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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top Ten Reasons I'd Love Another Boy!

Can you believe my anatomy scan is just three weeks away?!  To say I'm excited to find out if Lincoln's having a little brother or sister, would be putting it lightly.  And, for the record, if you ask Lincoln what we're having, he says "baby sister."

However, if you ask Jared or myself, we are both betting on another boy.  I don't know if it's because we already have a boy, or not, but it's so hard to imagine having anything but!

Trust me though, we would be thrilled with a sweet girl....just as much as another boy. 

Of course people are assuming we are hoping for a girl, because we already have a boy, and isn't one of each the perfect family?  Hmm.  I hate that so-called logic.   

I can honestly say that there are reasons why we'd love to a little girl, and reasons why we'd equally love to have :::gasp::: another boy.  Shocking. I know.   And just for the record, this is our last baby.  Boy or girl, we're done. 

So today I'm going to tell you {in no particular order} the...

1.  BROTHERS.  Need I say more? 

2.  I love rocking the whole "boy mom" thing.  Plus, I love the thought of saying, "my boys."

3.  The opportunity to raise men.  Ultimately, I am raising someone's husband and father.  To think of that, is kind of mind blowing. 

4.  We'd get to reuse all of Lincoln's cute outfits, because they will be born the same time of the year!

5.  I'd be the Queen of the house! 

6.  Their awe with planes, trains, and automobiles -- because let's face it, they are pretty cool!

7.  There is nothing like the infectious laughter of  a little boy.

8.  The father/son bond.  Lincoln idolizes his Daddy.  He wants to do everything he does, and be just like him.  It's so darling to watch.

9.  Let's face it...the teenage years will be a heck of a lot easier!

10.  They love their Momma's. Always.

Do you have a son?  What are your favorite things about being a boy mom?


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