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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things I Don't Want To Forget | V.4

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, but I think it's really special to reflect on these simple little things.  One day I can look back, and read all these sweet little moments.  I can cherish them forever.

Lincoln has started to ask me to sing to him each night before bedtime.  Those of you who know me, know I am probably the worst singer on the planet, but of course I do it for my sweet boy.  The little smile he gets on his face is so worth it...although, he does giggle when I'm finished...maybe he knows I'm really bad? lol

My parents have a golden retriever, Simba.  Lincoln just adores him.  However, when he says his name, it sounds just like "Santa." So stinkin' cute!!. 

Speaking of dogs.  My parents beloved dog, Brady that passed away last year, Lincoln still remembers.  He'll randomly mention him.  He calls Simba, "Brady" sometimes. I find it amazing that he can still remember.  I hope somehow, he always will.

Lincoln is finally bonding a bit more with his own dog, Evy.  She just adores him, but she's still a puppy herself, and has SO much crazy energy...that she seems to annoy Lincoln sometimes.  I joke that they're like siblings...which, I suppose is sort of true!  Anyways, the other day I caught Lincoln letting Evy lick the popcorn cheese off of his fingers.  I silently watched from across the room.  At one point I heard him say, "Evy, it's on my arm too!"

I'm not sure how much Lincoln really understands about there being a baby in my belly.  However, every time I ask him if he's having a baby sister or brother, he says, "baby sister!" We'll see if he's right next week, or if Daddy & Mommy are right that it's another boy!


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