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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CGI and movies: Offering the unfathomable

Whilst the classic, traditional form of cinema has typically involved live action, there's always been a growing acceptance of other forms throughout the history of the industry. In recent times, the growing acceptance of CGI has been something that can clearly be seen in numerous films that have sprung up on the big screen during the last decade.

An obvious case in point is the latest trailer for this summer's Epic. This film doesn't seem to be about using CGI for the sake of CGI. It uses CGI to achieve what couldn't otherwise be achieved, and portray the wonderful and truly unimaginable.

What is Epic?

Epic is a tale about good versus evil, set between tiny inhabitants of the magical world. If the premise is simple enough, the execution is a different matter. The trailer makes full use of the CGI, boasting the quality at every available opportunity. This is highly impressive, with the attention to detail warranting a second and third look through the all-too-brief trailer.

Whilst the film also boasts a star-studded cast, such as Beyonce and Colin Farrell, the CGI offers a more unique benefit. The world depicted is sufficiently fleshed out, offering a glimpse into something bordering on escapism. Sometimes, as cinemagoers, we get bored with gritty dramas and urban action. Sometimes it’s nice to take in something more heavily influenced by fantasy; there's a reason cinema is so closely tied with escapism.

Style and tone

Yet it’s also important not to focus on one point entirely. For all its depth and beauty, Epic also looks set to be a family-friendly and funny title. The plot and setting should appeal to children of all ages, whilst the trailer suggests more comedy and enjoyment for adults. This shouldn't be of any surprise to anyone, considering it comes from the makers of the very popular Ice Age.

Epic hits cinemas later this year in May.

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