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Monday, May 20, 2013

A bit spontaneous, perhaps?

Call us crazy, but today we're boarding a plane for a  last minute Disney vacation!  We're going all out on this one.  Staying at a Disney resort, and everything. 

Normally this week in May we are at our townhouse on the beach in Rhode Island.  However, Hurricane Sandy put a damper on those plans, and our place isn't ready.  We were pretty bummed.  This would be our last time there as a family of three, and I was really looking forward to spending that special time with Lincoln. 

Jared already had the week off from work, so I started to research flights to Orlando, fully expecting them to be outrageous.  Well, they were not at all.  $122 each way, in fact.  Not to shabby.  I told Jared about my plans, and he was immediately on board. 

We told Lincoln where we're going, but he doesn't really understand what that means.  He does however understand he's going on an airplane, and he's pretty excited about that! 

I know we've been to Disney quite a bit the past [almost] two years now, however, this will be the first vacation we are taking just the three of us...which is making it extra special.  I think it's the perfect time, especially with the new babe coming along in November. 

Also?  Today is our 6th wedding anniversary!!  Holy goodness!!  Six whole years.  Craziness!! What a fantastic week to celebrate!!


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