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Thursday, May 30, 2013

14 Weeks

Well, technically 14 weeks 5 days, but who's counting?  Oh wait...that would be me!!  Not too much to report, other than I am FINALLY starting to feel a bit more human again -- which of course is pretty nice!  I had my NT scan 2 weeks ago, and our little babe is doing just great, and measuring right on track.  Now onto the weekly survey...

How far along? 14 weeks 5 days

Weight gain/loss: +3 pounds as of my last appointment, but I'm sure have gained more, especially considering I was in Disney last week and consumed a couple dole whips ;)

Maternity clothes? Absolutely pants!

Stretch marks? None.

Sleep? Still good.

Best moment this week? Feeling more normal.

Food cravings: Dole whips from Disney World!!!

Gender: We will find out the end of June.

Belly button in or out? By the end of the day, it's flat.

Movement? Nothing I can feel yet, but I'm waiting for it!!

What I miss?  Energy.

What I'm looking forward to: Appointment next week!!

Milestones: Finally in the second trimester -- woot!

And here is our little babe at our NT scan two weeks ago...

And here is a belly shot I took yesterday...

Yep...pretty freaking ridiculously huge!


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