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Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Wake up and go on an airplane!"

Lincoln has always been a difficult sleeper.  From that first night we brought him home from the hospital.  He's a very light sleeper, and also occasionally suffers from night terrors {breaks my heart}. He is also a night owl.  When he started preschool, I knew I had to get him to bed earlier.  Much earlier.  By doing so, I told him all the fun things he'd be able to do when he woke up the next morning.  Once we got into the swing of things, he'd say, "Mom, wake up and go to school!"

We still do this every night, and for naptime.  Only thing, the script changes based on Lincoln.  Here are a few of my favorites.

"Wake up and eat popcorn!"

"Wake up and go see Cayden" {his cousin & best bud}

"Wake up and go to the playground!"

"Wake up and play outside!"

"Wake up and watch TV!"

"Wake up and put on my hat!"

"Wake up and eat waffles!"

"Wake up and go to Grammy's house!"

"Wake up and play!"

"Wake up and go to a party!"

and my personal favorite...

"Wake up and go on an airplane!!!"

Clearly my boy likes to fly, and I really never know what he's planning on waking up to do! :)


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