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Monday, March 25, 2013

Week by iPhone - 12/52

This past week, we were getting back in the swing of things, since our vacation to Tennessee...which yes, I know I still have to write about.  I promise.  It's coming.  Soon.

We arrived back to our house early Tuesday evening, from a day of traveling home.  It was pretty exhausting to say the least. 

I didn't cook a single dinner last week.  We ate out.  A lot.  Oh wait, we had tacos one night. So, yeah, I cooked.  Once.  Whatever.  

This weekend was crazy busy.  We had Jared's brothers wedding reception on Saturday.  He got married back in February in Hawaii...so jealous, but so happy for them!  Saturday was a great celebration.  Lincoln was really excited to be going to yet another party.  They didn't have a DJ or dancing, however, they had a pianist.  Literally, as soon as he started to play, Lincoln grabbed my hands to dance with his Momma.  Such a little sweetheart. 

He ended up crashing on me for a good 40 minutes or so before he woke up and was the life of the "party" again. 

Sunday we took Lincoln to his first hockey game.  He loved it!

So a great {busy} week!  This coming weekend is Easter.  We are going to my parents house, and I'm so excited for their annual Easter egg hunt!  Lincoln will really have a blast this year!

How was your week?!

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