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Monday, March 11, 2013

Week by iPhone - 10/52

I'm apologizing for the lack of photos this week.  We were crazy busy.  My parents stayed with us from Sunday until Thursday.  Jared and I booked an overnight at the casino Wednesday, while Lincoln enjoyed some time with Grammy & Grandpa.  We are such dorks that when a slot machine asks for a name, we type either "Lincoln" or "LJ."  At one point, his name was on the "high scores for the day" screen THREE times! 

While my parents were here, we colored Easter eggs one day.  Lincoln thought that was pretty fun!  I think we'll do it again, closer to Easter day. I also picked up this adorable bunny kit to make little pom pom Easter bunnies with him.  They came out pretty cute!

Saturday we headed to my parents house, because Jared had a hockey game in Rhode Island, and I had a baby shower on Sunday.  We're flying out tonight to head to Nashville to spend the next 8 days with Jared's brother and two kids!  SO FREAKING EXCITED!! 

Lincoln is going to be so psyched when he realizes he's going on an airplane!  He hasn't been on one since my aunts wedding last October...& while that might not seem like a long time away, you have to remember that he was going on an airplane close to every other month to visit my Dad all last year! 

week by iphone

Although I'll be enjoying myself in Tennessee, I actually have posts scheduled while I'm away :::pats self on back::: 

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