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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things I dont' want to forget | V.3

Lincoln calls his belly button his "b-button." Freaking adorable, let me tell ya!

He has started to refer to himself in the third person, and it's so cute.  He'll say, "Lincoln's tired." or "Lincoln's hungry." 

He's learning direction and is quite the backseat driver.  He however refuses to say "turn left." If I say, "turn right," he says, "turn RIGHT, mom."

As much as I hate to admit this, Lincoln still uses a pacifier for bedtime.  However, he has had SO many different words for his beloved paci.  You might recall this video, where he called it "P." Since then, it has been pie, Emmett (??), baby, and papa. And now, are you ready for the latest?  "Need one."  Yep.  He calls his paci a "need one."  It sounds really funny if we're out in public and he's saying, "Mom, need one!!" He'll even ask for it in his sleep.  The other night I heard him say, "Need one.  Where'd it go??"

I mentioned last week that Lincoln is pooping on the potty.   When we are home, he uses his little frog potty, so he will ask to "poop on the frog."  That being said, now whenever he has to poop, no matter where he is, he says he has to poop on the frog.  Earlier this week we were at the aquarium, and he asked to poop on the frog.  Jared took him to the bathroom and he pooped on the potty...but don't tell him that.  It was totally a frog. 

Lincoln loves to name body parts, and has for quite some time.  However, whenever he gets to "nose," he will say, "Nose....ACHOO!!!" 

Did I ever tell you my son is a comedian?  No?  Well, now you know ;)

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