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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The wait is almost over.

I can’t believe it’s March already! You know what that means? It’s almost time for The Croods. I’ve been waiting for the release of this DreamWorks Animation since I saw the first Croods trailer back in December. For those eager to see it again, it’s at the end of this blog.

As a huge DreamWorks fan, I was keen to see what the next offering would be. The studio has come a long way since Antz, with hit movies such as Shrek, Chicken Run and Madagascar behind them; I knew the next would be just as amazing. And from what I can see from the Croods trailer, I wasn’t far wrong.

A small preview into a new world

Who would have thought we could learn so much about the movie in just a couple of short minutes? Grug’s bedtime story immediately tells us that dad is in control of this family and has strong opinions about the dangers that await them outside their family home.

If there’s an over-protective dad around, there’s bound to be a rebellious daughter. Oh wait, there she is. Eep is the eldest child with more curiosity than a cat. She wants to know what’s outside the walls of the cave. If only she knew what was about to happen…

The Croods’ cave is destroyed, opening up a world they have never laid eyes on before. You’re immediately struck by the vibrant and previously unimaginable colours of the outside world. It’s a stark contrast in comparison with the dull and gloomy cave that I’ve seen so far in the Croods trailer.

For the next 30 seconds or so you’re completely bombarded with fast-moving adventures. The trailer takes us on a whirlwind ride, so fast, almost as if you’re experiencing every new find along with the Crood family.

This is just the first Croods trailer; there are many more clips to take a sneak peak at if you can’t wait for the release later this month.


Disclosure:  This is a contributed post, for which I was compensated to publish.

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