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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tennessee Vacation

Almost two weeks ago, we packed our bags and headed to Nashville, Tennessee, to spend a week with Jared's brother and his two kids. Lincoln was totally excited about riding on an airplane again.  He was definitely a bit confused, though.  Poor boy definitely thought we were going to Orlando to see Grandpa...even though Grandpa dropped him off at the airport.  When we had our layover in Baltimore, he was yelling, "Grammy, Grandpa!!"

While we didn't get to leave the Nashville airport until midnight central time {we're normally eastern time}, Lincoln was such a trooper.   He cracked us up with his seriousness reading the emergency evacuation plan on the airplane. 

The next few days were spent visiting with Jared's brother and our niece and nephew.  We went to Opry Mills, this ridiculously awesome mall in Nashville.  Probably my most favorite mall ever.  Seriously.  They had so many outlets within the mall.  I scored a Vera Bradley bag for $18! I was pumped! We took the kids to Dave & Busters and let them go wild with the games.  Lincoln's favorites were the ones where you put a coin into the slot to knock the other coins over.

Jared also has some Great aunts and uncles in western Tennessee, so one day we made the 2.5 hour drive to visit with them.  They lived on a gorgeous farm.  I was hoping for animals, but there were none :(

We visited the Nashville Zoo while we were there, but that will be a separate post :)

Our last full day we were there, we went to the Tennessee Aquarium, in Chattanooga.  What we didn't realize, was this was an almost THREE hour drive!  A bit crazy considering we took the long drive a couple days earlier. 

The kids had a fantastic time, and despite the long drive, it was totally worth it.  Lincoln even got to hold a butterfly in the butterfly exhibit.  He loved it!

chatanooga aquarium

Then it was time to go home.  We woke up early in the morning to head to the airport for our 9:30am flight.  Lincoln was a trooper yet again, reading the emergency manual on both our flights.  When we had our layover, the flight attendant invited Lincoln into the cockpit of the plane to meet the pilot.  The pilot was actually on his cell phone, but he saw Lincoln and actually got right off his phone!  He shook hands with my sweet boy, and Lincoln directed him to read his shirt, which said, "The Ladies Love Me." The pilot cracked up!...as did the rest of us!

A great trip for us, and we cannot wait to spend time with them again.  But as great of a time we had, it was nice to go home.  Funny I never seem to have those feelings about leaving Disney World ;)


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