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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter Outfits for Toddler Girls

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you my favorite Easter outfits for toddler boys.  I had such a fun time browsing little outfits online and putting them together, that I decided to do the same for toddler girls!  YES.  I KNOW, I'm a boy mom, and I love it to pieces, but I'm a woman and wanted to do something  a bit more...girly?  So with that, I bring to you my top 3 Eater outfits for toddler girls!

toddler girls easter outfit

The first is from Crazy 8.  We don't actually have a Crazy 8 near us, but I so wish we did! I'm a complete Gymboree junkie, and Crazy 8 is just like Gymboree, but with a bit lower price tag.  I love this blue gingham dress.  So precious and classic for Easter.  And the corker bows?  OMG.  LOVE!

toddler girls easter outfit

Can you tell blue is my favorite color?  This darling ensemble is from Carter's.  I really love everything about this for a little girl.  The frilly dress and matching bow...precious! I do think living in New England, I'd have to pair it with some tights.

toddler girls easter outfit

And lastly, and probably my favorite, from Old Navy.   While I know this isn't your "typical" Easter outfit, I think that may be why I like it so much!  It is so carefree and screams "SPRING!" I love the matching sunglasses, and the itty bitty butterflies on the flutter sleeve shirt. 

While I had a blast planning outfits for little girls, I have to admit, I kept going back to those plaid shorts and sweater vests.  Little bow ties and button down shirts.  I guess I'm just a boy mom through and through!  But...this was still fun :)

Disclosure:  Again, no compensation at all for this post, just wanted to share some cutie outfits!


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