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Friday, March 22, 2013

Clothing Ideas: A Failsafe Capsule Wardrobe for Boys

Kids grow all the time and, as a parent, you can often be found in amongst the clothes rails of your local supermarket or high street store, stocking up on those essentials that they’ve outgrown. The problem is, it’s so easy to spend excessively – with so much awesome stuff out there nowadays, it’s easy to walk out with bags and bags full of trendy clothes.

The key with any growing child is to buy the necessities. We know how simple it is to add to a wardrobe, but the main thing is to ensure that the essentials are there. Comfortable, versatile clothes that wouldn’t be cried over if they get ruined are perfect additions to your child’s closet. Being able to mix and match clothes that they can just throw on and play in is far more sensible than having drawers and cupboards full of items that will never get worn.

Be sensible when you select your kids clothes and you’ll be surprised at how far your money can go. If you opt to buy the majority from your local supermarket’s line, such as from George at ASDA, you can kit out your kids for less - but what do you need?

We all know that the majority of young boys love to be boisterous. Rolling around the floor playing with their friends and going mad in the soft play centres requires clothes that are sturdy and will last. Chances are, their clothes will see a lot of the inside of the washing machine, so items that wash well are crucial. Cottons are some of the best buys because of their durability and also because of their potential to be tumble-dried, so pick up some basics like this to see your son looking comfortable and happy.

Joggers will always be a great option, such as the black fashion joggers for £7 at George, while the trusty jeans will never go amiss, often proving to be a staple of any boys wardrobe. Introduce a couple of pairs of super cool slouch jeans or, if they’re fashion conscious, skinnies for boys are in this year too.

It doesn’t matter how old your child is - whether they’re in reception class at primary school or on their way to big school - character prints will always be a hit. From DC and Marvel Superheroes to everyone’s favourite piggy-smashers, Angry Birds, there’s plenty to choose from in the ASDA range at amazing prices, meaning you can pick up several Tees for attractive prices.

Finally, choose a jacket and a hoody to complete the outfit and ensure there’s something to keep them warm, whatever the weather. Whether it’s a Spiderman hoody from £10 or a plain marl alternative is completely up to you. There are plenty of spring jackets available too, including the stylish padded gilets that would look awesome on a young lad.

Select your kids’ clothes from the range at your local George at ASDA today – you’ll be surprised at how far your money will go.

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