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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week by iPhone - 8/52

This week?  It was pretty darn fabulous.  Lincoln didn't have preschool Monday or Tuesday, so we knew we had to do something to keep our busy boy busy! 
Lincoln had a gift card burning a hole in his pocket, so we headed to Build a Bear so he could "make" a new friend.  He chose a bunny that is supposed to be from the movie "Hop."  I think they did a great job, because with the little outfit, he totally looks just like him! 
We browsed around the mall a bit, and hit some of Lincoln's favorites like the Disney Story {heck, it's one of my favorites too!}, and we went out for lunch.  Lincoln also managed to score himself some new McQueen slippers at H&M, lucky boy! These slippers have not left his feet!

I started working out with kettlebells.  I'm only using a 3 lb, and they're still freaking heavy!  The kettlebells I purchased came with a DVD.  I think I also want to get Jillian Michaels Shred it with Weights.  We'll see.
Thursday night I had a girls night with two other ladies.  We went to see Safe Haven and then went out for wing afterwards.  HIGHLY recommend Safe Haven.  Loved every second of it, and now I really want to read the book!  While I was at my girls night, Lincoln and Daddy were at Lincoln's cousins house, so they had a pretty good night too!
Speaking of my Lincoln.  This boy?  He's such a little comedian!  He's been putting his winter hat on with his headphones while he plays the keyboard and sings along.  Hysterical!!!
Have you tried Chobani's new yogurt "bite?" OMG YUM!!!  I seriously wish it was in a larger container because I feel like I could eat the entire four pack!
week by iphon

Now here we are, getting ready to start another week!  I'm hoping to get something accomplished with the planning of our addition we're adding onto our house.  I'll post more about that soon!

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