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Monday, February 18, 2013

Week by iPhone - 7/52

Last week we were still recovering from the 28 inches of snow we received during the blizzard.   Lincoln didn't have school Monday AND Tuesday, which was insane.  Lincoln just loves school, and the whole routine of going in the mornings.  He had himself a pretty good case of cabin fever. 
Thankfully school wasn't cancelled on Wednesday, because his class had their Valentine's Day party.  Lincoln received Valentine's from all of his friends.  He was so excited, and it was seriously adorable! 
Thursday was Valentine's Day, and while Jared and I have a "no gifts" rule, he broke it yet again! Lucky for me, he also decided to order himself some golf clubs, so that was my present to him ;)
Lincoln also made out for Valentine's Day with some cards from Daddy & Mommy, as well as a few in the mail!  He loves mail :)
Lincoln and I spent the weekend at my parents house, while Jared had hockey games in New Jersey.  We were able to spend some nice time with my parents and brother, and even got to sneak in a visit with my BFF, her hubs, and their twin boys! 
So despite the nasty snow, and how we were homebound for a few days,  this week wasn't too shabby!
valentines day photos
week by iphone

In other news, I'm not pregnant AGAIN this month.  Ugh.  If I get pregnant this month I'll be due the day before Lincoln's birthday, but I'd have another scheduled C-section the week before.  Maybe I'm just meant to have November babies ;)

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